Sunday, 21 February 2010

Winter Sports

Sitting on my settee (the settee is my friend) with a glass of rough old cider, watching a nail biting match of American and British women and their curling tongs, it reminds me that tomorrow Lord Elpus and I will be flogged around the icy Fenland Landscape by Miss Whiplash.

It leaked out that on our last walk (unattended by Miss Whiplash) from Reach, we never made it out of the pub - the Dyke's End - as it sold rather nice beer and it was all horrid and drizzly outside. We're 'Ard Bastards, Lord E & me...

So tomorrow we are being chaperoned to ensure completion. The route has been set; a big one, with no slacking allowed. I have just taken a peek at it on my mapping software:

Maximum height: 9.0m

Minimum height: -3.5m

So at least the oxygen will be in plentiful supply. No fear of nosebleeds.


  1. About that oxygen?
    Will you be taking your scuba diving kit, or do you just need a torch for the subterranean bit?
    Or have you both mutated into fish?
    [That sounds likely given your report on last week's 'walk'!]

  2. I must assume that you are attempting the ascent of the lowest point on the UK mainland! Too late, I planted the Northumbrian flag there in '57.

  3. Martin: You may well have been correct about the scuba diving equipment as Phil wanted us to cross deep wide cold dykes. At least we did manage a walk this time. :)

    Jack - Hello to the frozen north! That's be the Holme Post then? Alas we weren't that deep this time. Besides, I suspect that Ian Shiel ripped down your old flag and planted a Scottish one some years later!


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