Friday, 12 March 2010


Woohooo! Currently holed up in a spanking B&B with Lynnie, Lord Elpus & Miss Whiplash, with WiFi!

We are about to hit the high-spots of the town and discuss with Lord E (you can't trust the gurls with this...) our route for tomorrow. The reason I say you can't trust the gurls is that they want to go to the very top of everything rather than a nice ramble around the pretty bits...

Tomorrow evening we are joining with 40 other Challengers for the Annual Southern Bash Reunion. By the time we see them we will be men of the mountains; rufty-tufties who have been for a walk with a hill involved! Not bad for softy southerners...

I shall now go and have a lie-down to prepare myself for the rigours of the weekend. It's all tooooo exhausting!


  1. if you survive all that outdoors stuff and make it back in time may catch you as I'm at Nans from tomorrow for a couple of days.

  2. Have a great weekend! I wish I was there too!
    Say hello for me...........troflop!

  3. And I wish I could be there too ... too! Hope you all have a great time!!!

    Word: hypedn - so, what hypedn?

  4. I shall be arriving at the Snake Pass Inn at around 6.30pm. See you there!

    Word: Italian boot manufacturer. Or just three zesses.

  5. Darren, Laura, David, JJ: Thank you. I am now back to the sunny south, away from "GrimUpNorth's" drizzle and biting wind.

    The wood-burner is blazing away and the cat is actually pleased to see us!


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