Saturday, 13 March 2010

Up hill and down dale...

On t'Pike

All day out on the hill with just the one pub ~ what sort of Challenge training is that then?

The diet hasn't been going that well. Actually, it hasn't gone at all according to plan. I had been planning on losing just two ounces a day, but in fact I have gained an ounce a day since the plan started a couple of months ago. Things aren't too good on the belly front.

So last night the group made an executive decision on my behalf ~ we were going for a hilly walk today to burn off some calories.(I thought to myself at the time that this did indeed sound like a plan as I was on my fourth pint)

So today found us floundering after Jungle's heels as he legged it up Lantern Pike, then up onto Middle Moor and lastly, to Jungle's total amusement; Mount Famine. I wasn't even allowed a chocky bar!

All these high spots were of course deliberately separated with low spots, resulting in a total ascent figure that can't be short of climbing Everest ~ which Jungle appeared to be kitted out for in his new Himalayan boots and gaiters.

Anyway, we made it safely back to the B&B for lemon drizzle cake, tea and a lie-down before setting off for the Chally Reunion at the Snake Inn.

The belly appears to be no smaller.


  1. Stuff the diet, Stuff the belly thats what i say!

    Anyway you need to stock up so that you have it to lose on the chally.

  2. Alan: I have shared the weekend with newfound "Belly Brethren"

    They have issued edicts: No potatoes. No Biscuiits. No Gin & Tonics. No Butter. No Cheese.

    It has started. Life is hellish!

  3. What on earth was Phil doing to them?
    Good to see you all at the Snake.
    Biscuiits are good for your energy levels. Get your porter to take 'copious supplies'. You can't afford to run out of reserves...

  4. Oh do stop whimpering man! It's not a list of noes. Think of all those delicious goodies that you can eat, like lettuce, beetroot, steamed chicken, spinach, carrots.


    You'll be built like a racing snake by May - and you'll thank me. You know you will.

    Love Miss W.

    p.s. and think of your glee as you observe Lord E's sorry tubby carcase floundering along behind you.

    pps. word = tetste. Possibly an indication that the midges could be worse than usual?

  5. There are a lot of No's in that sentence.
    It sounds more like a sentence than a diet.
    Keep to the meat and potato pies, curries and G and T's.
    You'll be a much happier chap.
    It's purgatory being a bon vivant e.

  6. Hmmm. Word = ovionbra

    Is this some new item of clothing for your man-bits?

  7. "...lettuce, beetroot, steamed chicken, spinach, carrots...."
    That's not a list of foodstuff - they are just favourings...

    (Had some cheese at lunch time! heh!)

    " Lord E's sorry tubby carcase..." - I've seen it - a belly like an ironing board... I'm doomed!

    I agree with Alan - it's not a diet - it's a sentence!

    Humph: Haven't seen my 'man-bits' in months; tucked well in beneath the belly - can only just peer over the edge and see my toes!

  8. After watching last night's feminism documentary 'Women', 'man-bits' seem to be obsolescent, at least among the professional middle-classes.

  9. I'm so glad I can keep evidence of any excesses well behind me, ahem.

  10. Just had to leave this comment - the word is 'hedgesin'..........

  11. Des: If sat and made to watch and suffer those feminist diatribes I generally try to hide behind the settee and watch through my fingers.

    Thankfully, I think I was watching something educational at the time. Was it "Top Gear?"

    Louise: I am sure it is all muscle to assist you up those hilly things in Scotland.

    Laura: What are you suggesting?


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