05 March 2010


It's a fine line between land and water. Living near the edge of the Fens in a village on the River Great Ouse, the seasons bring regular and welcome flooding to the River meadows.

Waterworld Walk

(You can click on the map and pictures to see larger versions)

This morning's stroll around the usual circuit had to avoid the return leg through the meadows as they were under the river.


It was icy underfoot to start with but soon the sun came through and the hat and gloves stowed away.



Heaven on Earth? Maybe. Just a few miles put in to stretch the legs. More needs to be done!


  1. Is that your local pub & church Alan? Heaven on Earth indeed!


    Word: gisest ...

  2. His Holiness, the Incredibly Irreverend Dave! Helloo to you! Yes - it's the Axe & Compass and our local church too. Don't get to see the inside of that too often - but at least we now have a male vicar again...(ooh! I'll get in trouble for that...)

  3. You have to train the pint arm for the Challenge as well as the legs Alan.

  4. Hah — I found a contour on the map. DOo I win a prize!

  5. Alan: Indeed it is! Inspirational and after a quick dash around the course you feel the world is a better place.

    Humph: "pance" It's all in the telling, Sir.

    Martin: Unfortunately the Oli Cromwell wasn't open!

    Andy: Indeed - I crossed one only a few metres from my front door and then crossed it again to drop down onto the meadows a hundred or so yards later... That was the last one I saw! 's Tough here in the Fens.

  6. Nice route Alan, Ellen and I did it exactly last October. Then stopped off at the pub for a swift half or two. Bit of a disturbance when bunch of local yobbos with bells on their knees and waving hankies got in the way of the car!

  7. Jack: That explains it! The "mysterious enquirer" in the pub... I had wondered. So you felt like coming back to your old stamping ground, eh?

    I still have your map, should you ever need it.

  8. Had done some serious training the day before: Cambridge to Trumpington and return, Trumpington church locked, barred, bolted.
    When is the Head of the River at St Neots, the crew I was in got disqualified, should have tried the local brew after the race!


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