Monday, 19 April 2010

Findin' the Shielin

There will be a number of TGO Challengers for whom finding the Shielin of Mark, a little bothy in the Eastern Highlands, will be a major test of their navigational skills.

The Shielin is a little stone building with one door and window tucked under a bank in the hills east of Loch Muick. A little piece of loveliness in a wide and empty landscape. It's a wonderful spot with a bubbling little stream for company and wonderful views of Mount Keen in the distance.

Shielin of Mark

(You know you can click on the map to make it bigger & easier to see...)

You can see it here, more or less in the middle of the map. Most Challengers will be heading towards it from the Spittal. You can see the way you would take, can't you? It's not tricky, is it?

By 'eck though! Every year there are reports of how difficult it is to find the blessed thing; having to wade their way across appalling peat hags in trackless terrain, and in the cold wind and rain an' all!

Good grief! It really is a doddle to find and the peat hags are kids stuff.

Anyway. The next snap should help these navigationally challenged Challengers. Now, take a good look and remember exactly where it is. That way you can't miss it... (That's Lochnagar in the background btw)

239 Shielin of Mark, TGO Challenge

This is the new helpful, fluffy, cuddly Al signing off...


  1. Eh?

    'The new helpful, fluffy, cuddly Al'?

    Wot you after then?


  2. Is there a bit of litotes going on here, or is it just me? Probably just me...

  3. Thanks fluffy Al.

    I will print this out and add it to my bag of useful things.


  4. JJ: I think it was Thumper's Mother who said something like "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"

    Alan: A Flatlander & Proud of it!

    Des: "litotes..." Shurely there musht be shome mishtake... Just trying to be my usual helpful self.... Trust me, I'm a banker.

  5. I do trust you. It's handy to know that the bothy is tucked under a bank. I'll put your photo in my wallet. Thanks.

  6. Ah, but 'The new helpful, fluffy, cuddly Al' has taken wonderfully atmospheric photographs ;-), true reminders of the 'feel' of the area....although I've never been fortunate enough to enjoy such good weather.

    Des: I'm guessing (and I'm sure Al will advise) the first photograph was taken whilst leaving the bothy (heading to the track on Muckle Cairn?) rather than on the approach from the west.

    Word: curibean. Dangerous.


  7. John: You must be correct because Alan's photo shows the eastern elevation of the bothy which could only be seen from Muckle Cairn. (Does that seem convincing?).

    It's clear that Al has feelings of nostalgia for the little house and I can imagine a tear in his eye as he left his beloved Shielin behind. I'm sure there is a song to be written (in a minor key).


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