Monday, 19 April 2010

Findin' the Shielin: Part 2

or.... Where's Wally?

The previous post has set me thinking - I really enjoy being helpful. So; here's another helpful picture for you all, to help you find the Shielin.

I know. Too kind.

240 Lochnagar from Muckle Cairn, TGO Challenge


  1. Is that a slate missing off the roof? Yes that's the one just below the bird muck.
    Next pic.
    Thanks, just trying to be helpful Al.

  2. I am never, ever, never, going to camp outside that bothy again !!!

  3. Andy: It can get a bit parky outside. It's nice and warm inside if you bring some coal and fire-lighters. Best to bring some King Edwards to Bake as well. Bring Butter Buds too.


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