Tuesday, 20 April 2010

16th Annual PreWalkDaunder

PWD 2005 2005 Daunderers

Thursday will see nine TGO Challengers head for the hills for the 16th Annual PreWalkDaunder.

Typically, the Daunder takes place a couple of weeks before the Great Outdoors Challenge and is made up of Challengers in need of a bit of an airing, to get a little bit fitter (or perhaps a lot fitter, in my particular case) and to make sure all their kit is up to scratch prior to the main event. That way, if anything is found to be wanting then there is still time to change the set-up.

When organised properly it takes on all the obstacles to be found on a Challenge:

  • Raging Torrents
  • Raging Thirsts
  • Steep up-hilly bits
  • Steep down-hilly bits
  • Bogs
  • Beer
  • Walking
  • Whisky

In typical Challenge fashion, we have had years when the Daunder has suffered from wall to wall sunshine. We have endured freezing nights, huddled together like penguins for warmth in the piercing cold to share the flasks. There has been whole Daunders when the rain did not stop. But Daunderers are selected with care. No wimps on the Daunder. No bottling out on a Daunder.

PWD 2006 2006 Daunderers

This year, special mention must be made of our tenth, the missing Daunderer; Rich, who cannot be with us as he is currently stranded by the Icelandic Volcano, having to slum it in some swanky hotel in Uganda. He is slowly drinking his way through the cocktail menu and will miss his trip enormously. We shall raise our glasses to him on Thursday night.

And probably Friday and Saturday night too. And Sunday lunchtime. It is a true rehearsal for the Challenge, all said and done...


  1. Al, We are in our beloved lakeland on Thursday until Monday. (Doing our tri weekly trip to Sheila's mums.)
    If your steep downhill,through the bogs, crossing swollen rivers, swerving the grotles daunder happens to pass anywhere near some serious pint swilling dowdy rough haunts, it just might be possible to meet up for a jar or two.
    Do you have a serious haunt itinerary that i may be able to navigate too? God willing an all that.

  2. Have a good trip - (I'm jealous of course!) Looks like my training will have to take place on the Challenge itself!
    [Fingers crossed it isn't like the Borders Jaunt of a couple of weeks ago..............]

  3. I (very) vaguely recall those two daunders in the photies. The Minigaig adventure ties with the Blair Atholl to Aviemore jaunt as my favourite ... mind you, Corrour Station to Fort Bill was pretty good too.

    Dammit - all daunders are good!

  4. Ho!

    Word = roldo

    Let the rolding begin! I do recall an exceedingly sodden daunder north of Kinlochleven. Drainage channels were dug. Mistress yomped off at an ungodly hour to triumph as a Bridge Champion. Torrents were forded. There may well have been some muttering. The second-generation Paclite was found wanting - tho' fine on the catwalk. I was converted to Event after that particular outing.

    I will, as ever, bring Class A coffee.

  5. Ah Al... If I told you I would have to kill you...

    Laura: The forecast is for warm soft white sand and beach umbrellas with the pool attendant delivering cooling lagers every thirsty minutes. Flying fish splashing in the shallows and that wonderful turquoise sea and fluffy white clouds over the palm trees.

    Phil: I am surprised you remember anything after the bar beneath Nevisports.

    Humphrey: That was 2007 - the weather had been organised by Miss Whiplash. I, on the other hand, was bathed in sunshine at the time on my Lejog. The "Class A" stuff, eh? Stout fellow!

  6. Have a great time in the lakes. weather is looking OK. Jan is also stranded in Toronto due to the dust.

  7. Bob - if she was away you could have slipped off to join us - I wouldn't have snitched!...

    Did Jan make it home safely?


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