Thursday, 22 April 2010

Woo Hoo! Offski!

That's me done for the week. Lord Elpus is thundering down the A14 as I type, his Swedish War Machine bellowing and bearing down on the cars in front so they melt from his path.

I am packed (I am sure I have again packed too much food, but hey! it's Chally training so it cannot do too much harm.) All up weight is 13kg with everything on board bar the kitchen sink. I am taking full Chally gear (spare trousers, shirt, lightweight shoes, pants, loads of socks, down jacket & massive first aid kit) and it all fits in the 48 litre Exos comfortably.

So far so good. Just the walking to do then.

More later if there's a signal. Toodle pip!


  1. Have a good trip and the weather is looking good for you all.

  2. The envy is kicking envy a sin.....who cares, I can't help it!

    Have a good one and remember if you've brought too much food - eat it!

  3. Thanks everyone - Sorry there were no reports 'live' on the walk. The only time I had a phone signal was when I was absolutely knackered going up steep hills!


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