Saturday, 10 April 2010

Wanda gets a Wash'nWax

It's dark and she's out there, all on her own. But she's getting better.

Wanda had been parked on the filthiest campsite in Christendom (Coniston Hall) last year and a with a muddy finish to the Southern Uplands last weekend, Wanda was now a very, very, dirty girl.

Now, ordinarily, I can find absolutely nothing wrong with a dirty girl; in fact the dirtier the better! But Wanda needed her seems seeing-to and this was not going to be done with them slathered in sludge. For the first time in three years, it was time for Wanda to take a wash.

Into the washing machine at 30 degrees on a 'Silk' wash and 38 minutes later she was being pitched in the back garden to dry out.

Now, seam sealing a tent sounds so simple when reading the instructions. "Apply in thin film across taut threads and under folds. Let dry for 3 - 6 hours." What could be simpler than that?

I am sitting here in the warm, on the settee and as I type this; my twenty three fingers sticking to the keyboard. There is seam sealer on my keyboard. Seam sealer in the sink. Seam sealer all over the place on Wanda, indeed, some of which even on her seams. Seam sealer - the spawn of Satan. Tomorrow she'll get some nice new moisturiser to make her skin even more supple and waterproof.

So right now Wanda's out there, curing; getting better.


  1. Would it not have been easier to apply to the poor girl with a brush? Or is she a bit stuck up!

  2. Alan - This seam sealer is a bit too thick to brush on, but it can be smoothed wonderfully well (cough) with the fingers...

  3. She looks in fine fettle now.
    I'II be glued to your posts (in a manner of speaking) to see if she performs well.


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