Thursday, 1 April 2010

www: Wet Weather Weight

This Bank Holiday's walk looks like being a cold and wet one.

So I have packed for the very worst conditions! Unusually for me, I have "double bagged" the precious stuff - a rucksack liner (albeit a bit old and strained) with the delicates in their own Exped bags. I just can't afford to get soaked on this walk as it's exposed and it looks like we'll be walking into sleet, rain and wind for most of it.

Who said this walking lark was fun then?

Coats: I like coats - have packed a synthetic-filled gilet, a thin windproof soft shell, my beautiful PHD Minimus down jacket and my new "Stealth" Paramo Velez Adventure. Between that lot I should be warm and dry enough. (Famous last words?)

Legs: Nice thick stretchy trousers, Berghaus Paclite overtrousers and also - a first for years for me, some proper Goretex gaiters. (I am not sure if there is going to be loads of snow on the tops)

Sleeping: My custom built PHD beautiful down bag (based on a 400 Minimus but with 450g of down), my lightweight bivi bag (just 200g) and my full length NeoAir matress.

Tent: Wanda. (Natch) But she does leak ever so slightly as I haven't fixed that leaky seam...! The bivi bag will sort that, Along with a J-cloth.

Boots: My Salomon Quest 4D-GTX. They should cope ok.

Poles: My beautiful Gossamer Gear Lightrek poles.

Food: I always take enough to feed an army, especially in the cold, but principally based on Real Turmat supplemented with cheese sandwiches and Granola bars, cuppa-soups, chocolate bars, more chocolate bars and custard for puds. And whisky: Yes. Of course.

Phew! All up weight? 30 lbs. Not too bad... All we have to do is just get there now and get out and do it... Ooo Err!


  1. I am very impressed with the Salomon Quest Boots and have no doubt they will satisfy all your needs on the trip.

    GGpoles LT 4 or ??

    Enjoy the trip.

  2. Yowsa! When you expect to hit Peebling? Give me a time and place and I'll drive over for a giggle and bring you any last-minutes needs.

    Word = gyhxusta, which is way beyond ne . . .

  3. NB: I am hopeless with numbers - they are the two-piece poles and are quite quite beautiful!

    Hrhmph3; Peebling will be on Saturday around lunchtime as we are assembling in Moffat at 10:30 - 11:00 and then driving to the pub in Peebling. (If we have any sense I think we should stay there...) 'Twould be a fine thing to see you!

  4. Humph - Just bring lots of money.

  5. Alan, about Wanda? You have the 2C model, which I think is the shorter version, is there plenty of length inside the tent to get away from the door in bad weather? I am 177 cm



  6. Hi Roger

    Wanda fits me splendidly. I am 183cm (that sounds quaint... cm or 6 feet tall in our money). I use a full length NeoAir inside her.
    (Why would you want to "get away from the door" though?)

    You sleep centrally with your feet in the lower end cone. There is bags and bags of room inside.


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