Friday, 2 April 2010

The Star Hotel Bar, Moffat

Currently sitting in the warm in one of the narrowest hotels in Scotland with Lord Elpus with two pints of Criffel. (Lord Elpus has suggested that this is a very useful name for a pint as you can ask for it when you are slaughtered.)

Agnes & Wanda are parked on soft ground in the cold at the campsite. Our bottoms are parked on soft chairs in the warm near the bar.

It is not raining. The hills above Moffat are clad in their wedding dresses. All is well with the world!


  1. I presume they must have let you in the back bar then.
    The front bar is a bit posh and cosy for hardy, wet snowmen.

  2. I wish you all the best - I've been up in the Pentlands and the snow was knee deep.

    It is a nice pub that

  3. Just a few doors down is the sweetie shop - a must visit, especially for the Moffat Toffee.

  4. And a few doors up they do great bacon butties.
    Will you get up them hills with these temptresses

  5. Alan: We were dressed in our finest clean(!) outdoor gear. We were given the best seats in the house - right next to the bar.

    Chris: I see now what you mean about the snow!

    Andy: I was carrying enough sweeties and food for the entire party - no extra toffee was required... (More on food later)

    Jack: I sampled an excellent egg and bacon roll just a few doors up the road on Monday morning. Moffat is a fabulous little place.


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