Wednesday, 19 May 2010

TGO Challenge, DAY 5: South Laggan to Luib Chonnal

Well then! What a splendid spot we find ourselves in: Upstairs in a cracking little bothy with the stove radiating masses of heat, fed and watered and finishing off the sloe gin.

Today's route had us heaving our heavy packs up the side of the Great Glen (we had loaded them up with the contents of our massive food parcels) with the aid of a map created by the owners of the Great Glen Hostel: What wonderful people they are!

We were suckered into the little ravine right at the top of the climb, exactly as I had been years ago with Mick Coady. Our merry band comprised Phil and me (of course) and JJ, Andy, and Alistair. The three of them had far harder days planned and so had to press on leaving us with sole occupancy of this magnificent establishment.

We had our usual dreadfully late start this morning; not leaving until well after ten, so a whole set of mad dogs and Englishmen were caught out in the midday sun sweltering our way over the peat hags and down into Glen Turret. We really must get out earlier! And we must do so tomorrow morning if we are to get to Laggan (on the Spey) in reasonable order tomorrow.

Today was glorious weather, yet we did not clamber up Creag Meggaidh as planned as the forecast for the next day was pretty crap and this would have meant a high level ridge walk in 'orrid weather. didn't fancy that after the hard start we had given ourselves this year.

The only thing that's missing from this little heaven is a crate of ice cold Peronis...

Have to finish now as I have to break out the sleeping kit, as the fabled early start could finally be on the cards for tomorrow morning...


  1. Funny, I knocked back a couple of ice cold Peroni Gran Riservas last night at Pizza Express. I would have raised one to you both, and the health of all those carefree Challengers who uphold the tradition of under no circumstances leaving anywhere before 10am.

    Hope you’re enjoying a great crossing.

  2. Cheers Des! In fact I had rather a nice beer for breakfast that morning at the hostel - very refreshing! Sets you up nicely for the day...

  3. Alan, I'd be interested to know if you ascended the Coire an Sidhean on the way out of the Great Glen. I came this way two days later and the area was closed. Obviously I ignored the notices, but I was turned away (rather rudely I thought) by forestry workers and had to force my way up through the pine forest. By the time I reached the open moorland I was sweating, bleeding and cursing. Never again.

    I hope.

    John Hesp

  4. Hi John

    Yes indeed - we made our way up by forest tracks via the "Faerie Glen". Logging operations were under way but we steered well clear of them until we followed the stream up to to peat hags at the top.
    It sounds like you had a very unhappy experience there from the forestry workers - not one I usually find. Perhaps they were having a bad day?

    Mind you, whenever I get to the top of anything I am usually sweating cobs and muttering 'Never Again! Don't do the 'bleeding' thing though!
    Apart from that, will you be writing another excellent account like last year's? I thoroughly enjoyed that one.

  5. Thanks very much! I think I'll have a go at writing it up - it can be quite enjoyable.

    BTW I might have some more questions for you about your route, I'm keen to find out what makes a prize winning route :-)
    (Congratulations to you both)



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