Thursday, 20 May 2010

TGO Challenge: Day 6 - Luib Chonnal to Laggan

Okay ~ 17 miles ~ an easyish day, if you are used to this sort of thing- but we aren't, See?

We have bumped into all sorts of Challengers today, but only when we got to the hotel as everybody was already here. There are people "not doing the Challenge" as well as those doing the Chally. There are those from the good ol' US of A and those from Essex (Praise the Lord for repentant sinners)

We walked miles and miles of wonderful scenery today ~ full of grandeur and clouds and sunshine. But you don't want to know about that, do you?

No. What went wrong? Far more interesting! My plimsolls insoles are developing a life of their own. They are fed up with being a bit-part in this tale. They want the lime-light. They are planning their escape from the back of my plimsolls and almost made it today- but for the shrieks of the lapwings I would never have noticed.

There are incidents on this walk that we can only allude to at a later date, for the sake of the innocent. Suffice it to say that not many people have been there and have returned, Sir- Oh no Sir. Not down those stairs at this time of night. And not in those shoes. Don't go through that door in the dark, Sir if you want breakfast with the rest of the party.

We went looking for tent "stakes" this evening with no joy for Ken Knight, but no doubt we will hear more of this tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another day, and besides, the wench is dead, (work that out if you can!) so now it's outside into the great darkness of the Upper Spey valley with nought but Guinness and Good Manners to protect us from HUMP3's glasses fairies in order to post this latest missive from the current front line of the trenches.


  1. For what it's worth that tent stake was never missing. I just can't count.

  2. I must admit to being pretty impressed with that tarptent of yours, Ken.

    Neat pitcher and a pool shark to boot! All round sporty guy...


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