Thursday, 20 May 2010

TGO Challenge, Day 7: Laggan to Kingussie

An easy day! Praise be!

The Monadhliath Hotel at Laggan is a little gem (did I tell you that yesterday? ~ you may have guessed that yesterday's post was written quite late on in the evening...) and we left almost refreshed.

The Wade road between Phones and Ruthven must rank as one of the most beautiful strolls and we took our time over it; the grassy track is an absolute delight winding above the floor of the Spey valley; the A9 hidden seemingly miles away. We rested for lunch at the Wade Bridge with just the hiss of the wind in a tree and the soft 'plash' of little fish in the stream.... Until two F16's screamed above our heads.

Kingussie is packed with Challengers; most will have been doing the same as Phil and me ~ washing socks, pants, shirts and muddy walking trousers.

This is the first time on the walk that I have watched the telly (knackered after the first week's walk and all my washing) and its fascinating to see on the news that nothing much has changed. It's good to see Kirsty on the box though ~ she was good enough not to pester this celebrity on the sleeper on the way up to Scotland. That girl has got class.

I shall have to tell her not to chase me in my dreams though as she is beginning to be a nuisance.


  1. You are suffering from 'Kylie Syndrome'.
    The Pie Man has it as well. Be careful you don't get a heart condition.

  2. Kirsty is not the first mad woman to plague my dreams. There was Kate Hepburn (insatiable!) and Sophie Wrayworth too.

    But I have to say Kirsty is persistently wonderful...


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