Saturday, 22 May 2010

TGO Challenge: Day 8; Kingussie to Middle of Nowhere

Today's subjects of conversation ranged from Rablelais to Rectums. That's not far in the dictionary or, in fact, in subject matters ~ both topics are close to Lord Elpus's heart.

And so we find ourselves pitched up in the middle of sod-all with JJ, after the big bend in the Feshie and a bit along the Geldie Burn, with huge cloud masses above and half a moon.

The Eidart gorge was massively powerful ~ it's awe inspiring stuff. We met the bothy keeper in the Feshie bothy; an interesting study for the psychologists in the congregation, or perhaps the forensic scientists if they ever discover the bodies.

The weather forecast was for increasing humidity and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Being a bit of a wuss, I opted to avoid the Moine Mhor and head up the Feshie instead. It was massively humid and we toiled along with the additional burden of fine cheeses and wines. Happily we bumped into JJ at the Eidart bridge and so we rolled along a few clicks before flipping up the Wendy houses-at 6:30.

Looking northwards, towards Loch nan Stuirteag (where our first cheese and wine soiree was due to be held), I believe we made the right choice: It's as black as hell up there, but so far, no thunderstorms.

And so tomorrow is another day, with an easyish trip down to Braemar (Did I tell you that we are three and a half Suffolks high here?)

Tonight has seen off a reasonable Beaujolais Villages, and Aussie Sauvignon Blanc (surprisingly good) and JJ's "Rusty Nail" along with two smoked cheeses and a Rebluchon, with wholemeal biscuits.

It's life, Jim, but not as we know it...


  1. I know Lord E has had bits removed, but I didn't realise his rectum was now up near his heart.

    Well done to you both, you're doing well.

    Love Miss W.x

    Word - perscopy. Appropriate I think.

  2. Ah, Miss W: When Lord E is in his cups, he talks out of his rectum too! A medical marvel, is Lord Elpus.


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