Thursday, 27 May 2010

TGO Challenge: DAYS 13 & 14; Tarfside to Nether Warburton

Leaving Tarfside is always a wrench ~ the volunteer ladies at St Drostan's look aftr us all so wonderfully and the impromptu pub at the Masons was as good as it ever has been, with Croydon, Gerry & JJ leading the singing and some good turns by others (notably Jim)

First stop, The Retreat, for the all important second breakfast, and then a delightful amble down the North Esk with Phil & Shirl following the "Blue Door" walk. I cannot even begin to tell you what a delightful stroll this is, but even though it was raining, quite heavily at time, we remained dry beneath the beautiful trees, on a path cut by French prisoners of war from Napoleonic times.

Edzell coped with the Challenge Caravan with it's usual efficiency and the Tuck Inn did a roaring trade.

It was quite late as we plodded down the Airfield Road to North Water Bridge to camp, yet Phil still managed to gather up the smelly smalls and get it all washed and dried. A bit of a star!

Today it was just the last few miles to the coast and we had picked Nether Warburton as it was in the bay of St Cyrus ~ a National Nature Reserve. So, just the two of us walked down the beach to the sea, shook hands and headed off to the fleshpots of Montrose, where we will party tonight.

This has been Phil's eighth "official" Challenge, and I am delighted to report that (even after his Immodium moments on the first day) he coped magnificently and is indeed in rude health once more.

So ~ Thank you Phil: For organising this year, and for still being around for us all and being such a great friend.

I shall now go down to the bar and abuse him roundly all night for dragging me over miles & miles of mountains & bogs. It's what mates do.


  1. Congratulations Alan on, what is it, your 14th crossing? Enjoy the party.

  2. Well done both of you, it was a great trip to follow from my armchair and lovely meeting you both and others.

    I'll do it myself, one day, but mine will be a flatter, more sedate one...

  3. Alan, many many congratulations to you and Phil on finishing.

    I'm proud of you both.

    Miss W x

    Word - triders, only needs a 's' in the front!

  4. As ever: well done Alan and Phil,

    And thanks for the sharing. It made life here in Holland at least bearable, knowing you all were playing around in Scotland


  5. Yes, well done to ye both!

    In the absence of bashing the heather of genuine Cally bog, your Chally blog was the next best thing!

  6. well done chaps. wish i'd been there! hope to see you in moffat/peebles in september

  7. Congratulations, the virtual blog crossing is always good to follow.

    Cheers Bob

  8. Well done on yet another 'mission accomplished'. Enjoyed reading your report. You have a wonderful way with words Alan.
    I've no doubt you'll be having a wonderful celebration too!

  9. Well done you two. Your blog kept me company on my own rather exclusive (until Clova) crossing and I have to say it provided me with some entertaining moments. Thanks.
    PS Congrats on your commendation BTW. I'm sure it was all very close.

    [Word = cragnanci] Would that be day 2?

  10. Hey Al - just finished reading the blog. Great stuff. Well done for keeping it going under testing conditions - esp. the bar at the Monadhliath ;-)

    What a terrific walk, eh? Made all the better for having a such good mate to walk with. Even going into 'Grand Old Duke of York' mode on day two was a bit of fun (afterwards, of course).

    Ah well, lawnmower, hedge trimmer and washing machine all beckon.

    It's life Jim...

  11. Congratulations on completing! Great meeting up with you both at Tomdoun.
    (the word 'undies' - hmmmm.......)

  12. Alan: Thank you - It was hell! But someone's got to do it. This was my 15th crossing. Compulsive? Moi?

    Louise: Flatter and sedate sounds good to me. As Phil says "Scotland is a very poorly arranged Country: The coasts are too far apart and it is all stacked on its side"

    Miss W: Ta, Miss. Stumblers, more like!

    Rolf: Applying next year, Sir?

    Des: Those special Peronis of yours probably more than made up for the absence of the bogs, ticks and hills.

    PR: Certainly looking forward to September's re-match!

    Bob: Hello fella! Virtual walks are always a lot less smelly in the dirty sock bag department.

    ORF: How are things, fella? Applying next year? Your apprentice has now retired and needs to be shown how it is done properly. He has Maria, admittedly, but it would be good to see the look of despair in his eyes as an even older Challenger leaves him for dust!

    Martin: That was one hell of a walk you had there. Quite rightly winning the "best route" quaich. You need Sue next year to make it a bit more sociable.

    Phil: All my kit is now clean but the room looks like an explosion in an outdoor shop. I have been told it will be cleared away by the weekend as we have people staying... Oh dear.

    Laura: I hope everything works out well on the family front - Still - there's always next year to look forward to.


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