Tuesday, 1 June 2010


IMG_2167 Me, at Nether Warburton, minus most of the belly!

Nine Pounds! Yes a whole nine pounds have miraculously disappeared from the frame. And it has to be said, mostly from the comedy belly. Strange really, as Phil & I did our very best to put on the liquid pounds whenever we hit civilisation.

I might revisit some of the days to recount what went on in dreadful technicolor (not really possible on the live blog) on the more colourful days alongside a few of the photographs. Most were taken on the first half of the walk. With a bit of luck, you should be able to click on them to see them in all their splendour (or not).

It's strange being back looking at the pictures - they all seem to be from years ago now but it was an incredibly happy two weeks. Ho hum!


  1. Congratulations Alan,

    Sounds like you had a thoroughly enjoyable diet!

  2. By all accounts and i have read but a few, it sounds a dam good crossing. And thats only the bits publishable.
    Congrats Alan on completing the course yet again.
    At some point, let us know how all that new gear performed.

  3. It's not fair. Four miserable pounds - that's all I lost, and apparently not from the belly.

    Sigh ...

  4. Alistair: Ta for that - it was a brilliant trip. Just need to plan a few more excursions now to keep the belly at bay.

    Dude! So when will you be applying for the Challenge, then?

    Alan: As you know I'm not great on gear stuff (but I do love gear!) but there will be posts coming up on the plimsolls...

    Phil: If it wasn't the belly, where was it from, dear boy? Will Miss W be even more disappointed on your homecoming than usual? ;-)


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