Saturday, 27 November 2010

Improvements to my LEJOG Account

For various reasons that I won’t go into on here I have had a bit of free time in the last couple of days. I hope I have put it to good use. I have made some additions to my Land’s End to John O’ Groats Account which I hope will be helpful to future LEJOGers (or “Groatsers” as Ali Ogden likes to call them)

At the  start of each day’s account I have now included a map.There will be future revisions with more and better quality photographs as well. This all takes time…

Anyway: The first day’s account can be found HERE and then you just work your way up by clicking on “Newer Post” links at the foot of each day’s blog.

One example I am pleased with can be found by clicking HERE. It’s the day from Oykel Bridge to Inchnadamph. There may well be more entries in this style to come.


  1. Clever stuff. You've certainly fulfilled and now brilliantly added to the promise made in your first post on Tue 17th Oct 2006: " ... this blog will let you know how it all goes."

    Trouble is you've really given me a case of the pangs to be a Groaster (good name that) when I can't - just yet.

  2. Hi Brian - I am intrigued by the "...just yet..."


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