Wednesday, 8 December 2010


With today being the 30th Anniversary of John Lennon’s death I tried to find out how just many wars were going on in our world at the moment. The answer depends upon what you term a war. The best take I could find was on Wikipedia and if you are interested and want to be really depressed, you can find their answer by clicking HERE.


  1. We are always being told that we should learn from the mistakes of the past - somehow this never seems to apply to the Politicians who seem only too ready to declare yet another war or conflict of some kind.

    I couldn't believe it when John Lennon was shot and now I have difficulty believing that thirty years have passed- where has it all gone?

  2. Word Verification is rambounw. Anagram of that is War Bonum. Bonun is (noun) Good in Latin.

    War Good.

    Forgot what I was going to say in the process.

    (Saved a jpg of word verification - but like you couldn't figure out how to show image here - to prove I have the letters written down. Or is that only necessary on Countdown?)

  3. Brian - You're rambling. It's okay - it happens upon retirement. Easy, fella!

  4. Trevor: The question is surely not "where has it all gone?" but what shall I do with the next thirty?

  5. Alan, it's alright for you to talk about 'the next thirty'. Some of us don't have another thirty. I want an end to wars NOW!

  6. Old Gregorlach! I certainly wouldn't bet against you doing another thirty but I *do* take your point!


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