Monday, 20 December 2010

TGO CHALLENGE 2011: (What is it with Day Two?)

I mentioned earlier that I have had a radical re-think about my route for 2011. Well, I have always fancied the ridge that starts with An Socach and goes over An Rhiabhachan, Creaggan Toll an Lochain, Sgurr na Lapaich and Carn nan Gobhar. It looks like a beauty from the map and so I have put it on the route for Day Two and a bit of Day Three. It looks like this from the air:

TGO CHALLENGE REVISED DAY 2(Click image to enlarge – Viewed from  the north) 


(Click map to enlarge)

This year’s ‘Day Two’ was a whopper of a ridge walk from Sgurr nan Coireachan to Sgurr Thuilm and had the weather making us beat a retreat (very badly) to almost our starting point. So I am hoping for a bit of better weather this year please? If His Holiness, the Incredibly Irreverend Dave could have a bit of a chat with Him Upstairs, I would be grateful.

Thank you…


  1. Lovely hills. Not too tricky so you shouldn't have a repeat of this year's problem. Plenty of camping spots. The Mullardoch round would be an excellent 'practice' route for anyone contemplating entering the Challenge. It's probably easier to 'stay high' in this part of Scotland, actually! As I'm sure you've already discovered, Granny!

  2. Thank you for your help there, Grandad. I like it when it's nice and flat - so much easier on the old joints. All this climbing up & down can't be good for them - that's why this ridge was chosen - the An Riabhachan bit looks particularly suitable for my Zimmer.

  3. I'm almost tempted to change our plan, but I'll stick with an easier option from Oban for 'Poor Michael's' benefit! I wonder whether our paths will cross further on? We will be doing a short (Corndavon) section before Ballater that I'll recall from my Strathcarron (1st Challenge) start in 2007.

  4. I seem to remember "Poor, Poor Michael" always being at the front of the ramblers on the last Peebles to Moffatt excursion. Go on - change your route! He's 'Ard! He can take it.....

    (Can't you Mike?)

  5. To be fair, we are going to tackle one or two little bumps, and it seems a good opportunity to tick Oban off the list of start points.

  6. Hi Alan,
    Isn't the planning fun?
    I always think it gives almost as much pleasure as the event itself.

  7. When I first started planning my TGO crossings (back in the winter of '94) I didn't have all this interwebby thing so I just had the SMC guides and a few walking books on Scotland and the maps themselves.

    Today I have been on Scottish Hills and where there is piles and piles of really top quality help for planning routes.

    Having said that, it hasn't changed my original route selection but it has confirmed that should be okay with it (I have an absolute crap head for heights)

    It is marvellous fun, but I have this guilty feeling that I should have been doing something more worthwhile with the time...

  8. If you happen to see two lonely souls down in the valley bottom, it will be me and Christine :)

  9. Hi Tony - Will you be down in the bowels of Mullardoch or Glen Strathfarrar? You are holding that gurl back you know! She wants to be up there with the eagles you know....

  10. Hard core and I like it. I went up An Socach in 06 just the way you plan. I then went another way. Nice hard slog up that way. Nice views. I have some video of the view kicking around somewhere. I noticed your wild camp request on the Challenge notice board. Looking at the 1; 25 000 map there looks space. Saying that if it is nice fill up with water and do a summit camp. I am getting my maps out tonight. As you can see I am getting into planning my route. Oban start for me good sir. But lots up bits and the like.

    Q. what happened to plan a foul weather day and nice weather alternative. You route has a sense of go for it and devil may care. Just the route I like. Still you can forget the route of the year and Martin as well. I have my eye on it this time round. Big wild and staying out high every night is my plan. Cant wait. Just need to plan the damn thing.

  11. Hi MartinR: I wonder what part of "The word 'participant' is used throughout rather than 'competitor'..." (as printed in the 2011 Event Details) is it that you don't understand?


    Come on man - let's hear about your route? Sounds wonderful!


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