Tuesday, 21 December 2010


If any amongst our congregation are contemplating traveling over the Christmas Period then then perhaps this one’s for you. Thanks to my little brother with the hair for finding this wonderful woman!

Two styles – which do you prefer?

Or this one?

Isn’t she gorgeous?   sigh…..

22nd December: Edited to add:

Or – if you are really into this gurl…. you could try THIS STUDIO VERSION


  1. I prefer the second, I think.

    We're travelling from the sunny south coast to Derbyshire late on Christmas Eve. We're making alternative plans just in case...

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. She is pretty dammed good. Have a look at her web site. My mate 'Silver Fox' put me up to it and we (hopefully) are off to see her in Wolverhampton on the 29th
    Little brother with the hair

  3. Ho! Check her out on this

    Intense . . .

  4. OMG !! She's playing The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen right in the middle of The Challenge, Sunday 22 May!

    Here's how to get there: Forced March Braemar > Ballater on the Sunday. Buses run Ballater > Aberdeen on Sunday at 15:34 and 18:04. Journey time is 1 1/2 hours. The Lemon Tree is a great little venue in the city centre. First bus back to Ballater on a Monday runs at 07:42.

    No contest ! Adjust yr roots now !

  5. Hi David: The second really gets you jumping about! The first is just plain wonderful though. Different moods..

    Little Brother with the Hair: I will have to look up her website. Thanks fella - enjoy the concert.

    Humph: I would love to go but I will have a pressing appointment with Bill that evening at the Lodge that I really shouldn't miss... It must be done I am afraid... But she is bloody gorgeous, isn't she?

  6. To those who liked the young lady, I have just added the studio version to the post as well - so see above to see the edited post and a link to click on for a really great version...

    Did I mention that I liked this gurl?


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