Saturday, 22 January 2011


Its true! I know I bang on every now and then how the Beeb has dumbed down to even greater depths but just occasionally they come up with the goods. Hidden away on BBC4 yesterday evening was Episode 3 of “Mozart Uncovered.” Symphony No. 40 in G Minor. I quote:

“Conductor Charles Hazlewood rehearses and performs some of the key works featured in the BBC series The Genius of Mozart and analyses them in more detail. Mozart's Symphony No.40 in G minor, K550 is examined by Hazlewood and his specially-formed period orchestra, the second of Mozart's three last great symphonies written in an extraordinary burst of creativity in just six weeks.

It’s available on iPlayer until next Friday, when I shall remove this post. You can find it HERE.

And if you enjoyed that you could also try this wonderful piece on Elgar: “Elgar: The Man Behind the Mask” (another bit of wonderful telly hidden away on BBC4) Unhappily this one is only available on iPlayer until Monday evening (24th Jan). Anyway, HERE it is.


  1. The three-part "Men Of Rock" with the very wonderful Iain Stweart is also worth a squint. A mighty take on how Scotland's geology has informed us. First part is on James Hutton. And for all you trompers out there, Glen Tilt features. Heavily.

  2. Indeed Humph! And Robin over at Blogpackinglight has made comment on it (I thought Mr Stewart was a bit niggardly to old Peach & Horne btw who devoted the best part of their lives sorting out the NW Highlands...)

    It *is* nice to see the Beeb putting some quality for a change instead of endless east enders crap.

  3. Peeved that the BBC iPlayer doesn't work over here on the other side of the pond. It does, however, annoyingly pop up frequently. I've had to squelch it. But I'd rather use it.

  4. Another nice music treat on BBC 4 was "Later presents Mark Knopfler", to be repeated late Monday Night. Worth a look if you enjoy the music of the former Dire Straits front man, quite a mix with plenty of very talented musicians.


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