Friday, 21 January 2011


At this time of the year the River Meadows are partially flooded and the geese have taken over the grazing from the sheep and cows. In the evening they fly low over the cottage in flying V’s – their wings hissing in the darkening damp air.

Great Ouse 21st Jan 2011

A walk to St Ives this morning found me standing on the riverside path staring into the sky’s reflection in the Great Ouse. She was moving strongly, rolling along with giant swirls and tiny whirlpools faster than my walking pace. The old river mill stands mid-stream and the huge flow pushes around it with deep troughs around the corners of the mill with a deluge forcing beneath the sluice gate into the foaming stilling pool. The power of this river in spate is something to behold.

River Meadow 21st Jan 2011


  1. Hope thats not the sheep and cows which fly over the cottage. It’s a bit early in the night for that i think.


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