Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Behind the scenes a lot has been going on. Perhaps “behind the scenes” is an apt description of the manufacturing process. A wonderful gent known on a few blogs as “Shap” has been burning candles at both ends (and in the middle too) behind the flame proof curtains of the theatre and has been making a labour of love - a beautiful lightweight coffin that shall be carried on the Wake for the Wild to the point of the highest turbine on the Dunmaglass Estate Power Plant.

Shap & his lightweight coffin

Shap with the bare lightweight coffin

We had a brief conflab and decided that the right colour would be black. And it had to be waterproof. An Lo! The handles are next…

Shap's painted Lightweight coffin

As I said to Shap: “That really is quite a beautiful coffin!”

I suppose that’s one of those phrases that, even in your most fevered imaginations in the various bars across the breadth of Scotland, you never ever thought you would ever hear yourself saying...

Later today, at 5:30pm I will be appearing on David Lintern’s show on Resonance FM with Andy Howell and amongst other things we will be discussing the forthcoming “Wake for the Wild” Protest.

There will be more shortly on here detailing the protest. Stay Tuned!


  1. You guys don't fool me! You saw my lunch box and decided to try and out do me didn't you - come on admit it.

  2. Article in the Telegraph today (22 Feb) about the spread of the windfarm plague in Northants

  3. Any chance of giving Sir Jack a ride in that box?

  4. I worked in a coffin factory for two years making them sodding things lol Balsa i take it wouldnt like to take a solid oak up there lol

  5. Interesting!

    When I saw the picture of the coffin I immediately thought that this is one of those courses where you prepare for your own death by making a coffin for yourself in advance... There are courses like that run in Finland, the youngest participants have been in their twenties and in perfect health. I wonder where they keep their coffins for the next 60-70 years?

  6. I think it's your size, Alan ;-)
    Be sure to stuff it with long and spectacular burning stuff !


  7. Truly a work of art, I hope the blaggards take notice!

  8. I look forward to reading your progress with this, anything to draw attention to the cause.

    It truly is a beautiful coffin though......

  9. Alan, I think you'll need a bigger coffin than that.

    Check out this article:

    Holyrood has just sold the country down the river yet again.

    1,000 new turbines on Forestry Commission land, more or less all over Scotland.

    Add the 3,000 or so they want to build offshore (but within sight of the coast) and in five years' time Scotland will be a forest of turbines as far as the eye can see.

    We'll be left a couple of play parks, Glencoe, Kintail, Torridon. And that's about it.

    Don't want to pu cold water on your initiative, but we are truly f*&ed.

    I don't think folks have got an idea what's coming to hit us in the next few years.

  10. Walter - spot on. I've said something similar on my blog. Also, a wind power station has just been approved at Corriemollie near Garve.

  11. Spinal Tap would be proud! Very Metal ;)

  12. Would you mind if I pop my rucksack in that on the way to the top?

  13. That certainly looks a fine coffin - and what better colour than black..!
    Can I try it for size..?


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