Sunday, 13 March 2011


Sorry about the radio silence there, but as mentioned earlier I was invited by Dave Lintern onto Resonance FM with Andy Howell to discuss the issues affecting wild land in Scotland. It was great fun and the time flew by with barely enough time to discuss such an important topic. If you could let me know your thoughts on it it would be appreciated.

Many thanks to Dave for the invite.
You can find the show below:


  1. Excellent and you got straight to the heart of the matter Alan. See also the comments on my post of 23rd February regarding turbines on Forestry Commission.

  2. Nice one Sir.
    Very well presented.
    Next step BBC4?

  3. Well done those men indeed. I have many memories of wandering deep in the Monadhliath stretching back decades so I'm signing up for the foot soldiers' revolution.
    It really is about education. When I went for a flying lesson at Inverness airport a couple of years ago the instructor asked where I wanted to take the plane. I said the Monadhliath and he said "where's that?"

  4. Well done . But before all the compliments go to your head - remember Buggles !

    (and i don't mean Biggles!!)

  5. Ah. Good old Buggles. No video for me! I have the perfect face for radio.

  6. Hi Alan,
    Had a listen last night and enjoyed it. I hope it helps people understand the issues.
    The time went so fast. When i saw it was for an hour i thought oh God but it went so fast, so interesting.
    Well done to each.

  7. Being realistic, the future of preventing the mass industrialisation of wild land in Scotland seems a hopeless cause.

    It's all very well saying "told you so" in a few years time, but we really must make a last ditch sustained effort to stop as many of these Power Plants from desecrating the Wild Places. I for one would never be able to look my future grandchildren in the eye if I was to stand back and do nothing about it.

    A whole lot of evil happens when people stand back and watch events unfold rather than step up to the mark and force people to take note and get things stopped.

    Surely recent European history has taught us all that one simple lesson?

  8. Truer words were never spoken and if my bl***y glute injury doesn't fully heal soon and I have to abandon plans for May, I'll be with you at Dunmaglass. Hot coffee for all at chez motorvan.

  9. Good program. One minor error. Business rates go straight to cntral government. They have been promising that they will go back to local councils for a few years but all that has proved up to now to be spin. I think it is the carrot to persuade concils not to object. The Dumnaglass wind factory was not challenged by Highland Council, as today Corriemollie was approved even though SNH objected. We are doing our best to protect the wild places but when the deck is stacked and the goverment stacked it your are pretty helpless.

  10. Hi John

    I have just read, from start to finish, the downloadable pdf "The case against windfarms" written by Dr John Etherington from your site

    An excellent piece that I recommend everyone should read.


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