Sunday, 27 March 2011


This film, in four parts, puts across the problems faced by unprotected wild upland areas really well. Commissioned by the Cambrian Mountains Society, a charity that works for a better future for this magnificent but little known upland area in central Wales. The film illustrates many of the characteristics of the area - its wilderness quality, its wildlife, its people and culture and the role of agriculture. It also draws attention to the threats.





  1. Thanks for posting that. Another area to be seen before it's ruined.

  2. It could be another crime against the state, by the state.
    It is magnificent land.
    I rather like walking in Wales.
    Actually as much as I do in Scotland. Soon more so, but for how much longer? They seem to have a similar policy and have been sold the green line.
    The Cambrian Way is one of my really must get down to doing it routes when I have time and I am given permission, and it passes through this rather fine range. At 260 miles it is a big chunk of time and passes through this rather fine area.
    I guess I may need to get this one on my schedule soon. Anyway, I might be avoiding Scotland the way things are going.

  3. Some bits of what would be known as mid Wales are among my regular haunts (with such a small country it can be difficult to agree on exactly where 'mid' becomes north, or west, or east or south).

    There's some properly wild land beyond Elan and Claerwen and although the hills aren't as spectacular as that long continuum from Snowdon across to the Carneddau it's a place where you can escape and genuinely not meet another soul all day.

    As well as good walking country, it's also good sitting territory: keep still for a while and there'll generally be some reward.

    Unfortunately, it is, as blogpackinglight suggests, being ruined. See what's left of it while you can.

  4. Appallingly (and typically) bad reporting by the BBC on the fight against wind plants:

    For the BBC wind plants can do no harm. When will Panorama do an 'investigative report' into the scam? Dream on.

  5. Druim Ba - Bit of fun coming up here. In the next couple of weeks we are hoping to fly a dayglo orange blimp at or near the height of the turbines. It will depend on weather as we can't teather a blimp if it's blowing a gale. Tends to take off at a rate of knots down the Firth possibly with one of us hanging on for dear life! We have a three day window so with the help of the Met reports we should be able to say when nearer the time. We can't fly it from the wind farm site as they won't let us but we will be using the neighbours field. They have never flown one at this height before which may pose the odd problem but for those that are in the area, why not proceed to the Great Glen Way and bring your cameras, preferably with a long lens! Oh, and Shauna will be making a personal appearance.


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