Monday, 28 March 2011


So – What does a “wind farm” (I *do* hate that term!) look like?

The link below will take you to a web page showing the proposed Nant y Moch wind power plant in mid Wales. There are views of the beautiful wild land as it looks right now and by passing your cursor over the photographs it shows what it will look like with the turbines in place. Pretty clever!

But: If you really want to be truly appalled, it gives you a link to click to view the wind farm using Google Earth. This really is amazingly clever and shows the true horror of what is to befall this wonderful landscape. What they do not show are the bulldozed tracks and pylons associated with the development; you’ll have to imagine those horrors for yourselves.

This link is for the Nant y Moch, but you could easily substitute the location for the Monadhliath’s Dunmaglass, Allt Duinne or Corriegarth plants, or perhaps the Balmacaan Forest – or wherever these turbines are going to totally desecrate our wild land. Click this link to be amazed at the technology and appalled at what is proposed for out wild places:



  1. Those pictures (without the turbines) give a good idea of the nature of the place. It's an area where you can drop down into hollows and folds in the landscape; follow the course of a river or stream; settle for a quiet lunch and possibly have red kite, raven, merlin or, if you're lucky, a polecat or two pass close by.

    It's a fine area for just mooching around in circles, going nowhere in particular. And pretty soon it won't be worth visiting.

  2. There is one particularly realistic touch in the Google Earth visualisation, namely, that the blades are not turning at all! Very true to life indeed.

    Funny that the Greens are then going around the world preaching about 'saving the wilderness' in Third World countries...

  3. Soon there won't be any wild land left. Tourism will consist of coach parties of geriatrics, and any view will be blighted by an industrial montage, and the peace and tranquillity of these remote wild places will be blighted (when they actually run) by the horrendous noise if those infernal towers. Anywhere wild will look like a scene from war of the Worlds.
    It will not effect the land owners, because they will bugger off to somewhere else, and the politicians probably never venture there anyway. The greens will not notice, because they are too indoctrinated into a myopic point of view.
    Soon I am going to stop reading this because it just makes me depressed.

  4. Saw this:

    It made me laugh, and then feel sad...

  5. Jesus Christ! I didn't realise just how bad this was going to be. What is the point in saving the planet if in doing so we suceed in obliterating what little areas of wilderness we have. I'll spread this post around for you Alan. Hopefully get more to oppose this.

  6. A recent first hand account of living with turbines:

  7. This wilderness needs your protection now! Planning submission expected Nov 2011 so come to and arm yourself over the next few weeks. When a Plan App is submitted to the IPC, they have up to 28 days to decide whether to accept if for "examination". (fastest response so far with a decision is 21 days) If they do decide to accept it for examination, we all need to spring in to action! There's a sample IPC form accessed from our Object Soon page so have a look at what you need to do!

  8. Thanks Pauline

    I will keep an eye on your website for the updates so everyone can register and object. If you cold pop back when the information is available that would ensure we don't miss the deadlines.

    Thank you & Good luck.


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