Saturday, 28 May 2011



Australian foreplay:

Home, from a great walk. That’s sixteen official crossings now and this one must rank amongst the toughest, with some pretty stormy weather and long days. There will be more, with words and pictures, coming along soon.

“Brace yourself, Sheila!”


  1. Good to hear that you made it across in one piece! The weather was lovely for the two weeks, I think I have gone a bit mouldy. Nice to meet up with you for the Wake for the Wild. Seen this dodgy geezer?

  2. Good to see your smily face on Andy Howells blog Alan. It was interesting at times the weather. Only had trees falling across the roads and like for me. I managed about 200m of walking leaning into the wind at angles that at times seemed to be 45 degrees as I struggled to move forward. Yep it was a challenge to remember. Best bit. Meeting the other challengers and lovely mountains and glens on the way. Look forward to reading the tale of your trip.

  3. Alan, well done, even though you are a seasoned veteran. Sounds like a fairly epic crossing with the weather as bad as it was.

  4. Hi James, Martin & Mark. I thought it was a great walk - and only crappy for the one day, really - the second Monday. The rest was pretty standard Challenge weather but just a lot of it on consecutive days.

    The Chally has been blessed in the last few years with quite good weather - this one showed what can happen and those that finished had to show a little resourcefulness in getting across.

    Didn't we all do well?


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