Wednesday, 11 May 2011


'Wake for the Wild' Overview map

Location Overview map

'Wake for the Wild' Walk

Map showing the route the coffin will be carried along.


Well – the above maps show the route of the wake – where we will be carrying the coffin that symbolises the imminent death of the Wild Places.

There have been quite a lot of interest from people who want to take part, and two TV stations have expressed interest in filming – a German crew from ARD/ARTE who will definitely be there and BBC Alba may well be as well. All the Press Releases have gone out and we have been featured on Grough and the MCofS website. I believe there has been an article in this week’s Inverness Courier. Let’s hope we get a bit more coverage.

So – if you would like to come you are very welcome indeed.

We’ll start at about 10:30am, carrying the coffin from Errogie, on the shore of Loch Mhor and take it over to Dunmaglass Lodge following the green line shown on the attached 1:50k map. There, a few words will be spoken over the coffin and a list of the doomed areas of wilderness will be read out. Photographs will be taken with the Lodge in the background. From here, the least fit/able-bodied members of the party could stroll back to the start point if they wished.

The fitter types amongst us will continue to carry it up to the site of the turbines (the area encircled by the red line on the 1:50k map) where the coffin will be laid to rest and photographs taken that will show the beauty of the wild land and which will demonstrate the terrible loss that is about to be suffered.

This is probably quite a hike for some folk and so they should ensure that they are adequately equipped for it. Who knows what the weather will be like on the day? For the most part, the route is on well made estate tracks, but the section just before Dunmaglass Lodge is a little rough heather.

It would be not too bad an idea to bring a warming toast along, to say Farewell to the Wild properly.

I am off now to catch my sleeper up to the Highlands (with the coffin) – so in the meantime have a good time and I hope to see you next Tuesday.


  1. Best of luck. Hope you get some good publicity. Enjoy the Challenge.

  2. Will be with you in spirit, although in Shanghai in body. Hope it will start a wake up.

  3. I'd love to be there but unfortunately work will keep me away. A weekend might have attracted more people and made a bigger statement. However, I will be there in spirit and wish the demonstration well.

  4. Hi Alan try :-
    "burning wind turbine"
    as a Google Image search
    best wishes Danny


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