Wednesday, 1 June 2011


This post has nothing to do with the Challenge or windmills. It’s far more serious than that: Could all the readers of this blog PLEASE watch THIS PROGRAMME.

It will take an hour of your time. It’s a Panorama programme put out on Tuesday 31st May about the abuse that happens in care homes. Care homes are usually the last resort for families that can’t cope with a family member and so the family puts their entire trust for the care of their loved one in that of the home.

Watch this documentary and then think to yourself “it could be my father / mother / brother or sister in that situation”.

Visit Shirley’s blog post for a better take on this subject, but please, do watch the programme.

If you could publicise the programme yourself on your own blog, if you have one, or on twitter it would be really helpful too.

Thank you.


  1. Thanks, Alan ♥ People really do need to watch this.

  2. it was dreadful...hopefully the thugs involved (who've all now been arrested) will go down for a very long time. I've a nasty feeling this is but the tip of the iceberg, though...

  3. I will not watch it as I know what we do to our old folk in this fractured disfunctional land.
    If you the offspring are not prepared to sacrifice your time and wealth to care for your parents why would you expect some poor no-hope benighted soul with no prospect of earning more than a minimum wage to treat them any better. They have been dumped by those who should love and care for them like a bin bag of rubbish in the hedgerow. I know what I am talking about because I have elected to care....and it is not good.....Fred

  4. Disgusting!!! That programme was so hard to watch. I hope they all get locked up for torturing those vulnerable people.


  5. Fred:

    It is very rare that I hesitate to let a comment through onto my blog but this is one of those occasions.

    I can think of a number of people who will be terribly upset by your incredibly callous comment, indeed who would probably like you to do you physical harm for what you have just said. I am one of those.

    "They have been dumped by those who should love and care for them like a bin bag of rubbish in the hedgerow."

    That is just incredibly insulting. Patients in care homes arrive there as a last possible resort as the family carers are worn out - their lives having been destroyed by looking after physically challenging family members.

    I realise that in the position you are in you may well find the odd occasion where the person in care appears to have "been dumped". But to tar all families with the same brush is quite shocking.

    I would urge you most strongly to watch the programme and then re-think your statement "why would you expect some poor no-hope benighted soul with no prospect of earning more than a minimum wage to treat them any better

    I really am horrified by your attitude.

  6. I will do as you urge Alan and watch the programme.
    I fear to do so having seen in practise how the elderly are treated even in hospital.
    With all the studies and money directed at the health service why can we not get the care of the frail elderly right.

  7. It is not new Alan and I talk from personal experience. I am unable to watch it, too many memories.

  8. Hi Alan
    I am so sorry to have upset you on this issue.
    Like Dawn I remain unable to watch the show. I am sure the intelligencia(misspelt?) of Hampstead will regard the show as ‘good’ television but there cannot be anything new in it.
    I have the greatest of respect for you but the Consumers association did a similar survey last month with similarly disgusting findings.
    Labours grandiose sounding ‘Quality Care Commission’ is responsible for the maintenance of the highest standards of care in the UK. No doubt their paperwork shows what a fine job they are doing and their ‘senior management’ will become wealthy on bonuses and pensions – meanwhile in the real world…….
    Any old how I am off down to my 87 yr old Mum’s to tie up her sweet peas and de tendril them and do her paperwork and rub E57 into her back. When I email my brother and sister in the US I challenge them never to offer hollow praise in return- I do not do it through altruism and saintliness but rather because I have to face myself every morning.
    There are other models in Europe.
    We English sneer at the Germans and Austrians but they are far more caring and civilised than we are in these matters.
    I applaud you for showing my first angry comment..........Fred


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