Monday, 11 July 2011



Over on Doodlecat, Lord Elpus has encouraged me to get myself a little more organised. He wants me to do some housekeeping.

He suggested that I should put together a list of topics in the sidebar so that readers can navigate their way around the blog for the bits they might actually find interesting. Well, there won’t be much of that, I am sure, but over to the RHS of this page you can now find a place called “Labels” and from there you can select topics to your heart’s content.

Quite why I am taking directions from a chap who so frequently finds himself all at sea, Lord only knows….

But anyway, should you so wish, you can now navigate your way safely through the oh so many shallows of this blog…


  1. Would that be your august self there sampling fine ales whilst dressed in your favourite 'leisurewear'?

  2. No Sir - That cannot be me - the hair is too long... Nice pinny though...

  3. I'm English: I can't cope with change.

    This will be like when we have a tidy up at home; or they rearrange the shelves in the supermarket.

  4. Good grief, as if I haven't enough catching up to do. I've got four children to look after you know! Don't have time for all the TGO lark you know. Apparently...

  5. Byeways: Don't panic; nothing has changed. I have just made accessing different bits a little easier. I was going to say that I am English too, but that would be a fib, as I should really admit to being ......(and say this quietly)... Welsh...

    Louise: Four children should be easy to look after (I was one of six). Number one should look after number three and then number two should look after number four. That way you need only to look out for the eldest two children, who should be as good as gold as they have their own responsibilities to worry about and so won't have time to get into mischief themselves...


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