Monday, 11 July 2011


George Herraghty

Meet George Herraghty: George is a member of the Moray Mountaineering Club, Grampian Club and the John Muir Trust. He gave up his Tuesday to join us on the Wake for the Wild and has been in touch with me since then.

He has pointed me to an interactive website that shows every wind turbine in Aberdeenshire – whether proposed, approved for construction or being scoped for approval. You can zoom in to 1:50,000 and beyond to see each and every individual turbine. It is quite staggering how many are being proposed. Now remember, when you click on this link to visit the site; this is JUST Aberdeenshire. This mayhem is going on throughout Scotland.

The website is also a really useful site for finding out what is happening in the fight against wind turbines as there is a really good news section to explore.

You can find this amazing site HERE.  Thanks, George.


  1. Are you aware of the Scottish Natural Heritage page here: ?

    I would search your site for it, but if there was an appropriate label to click it'd be much easier. Oh, wait...


  2. Hi Phil

    Thanks for posting that.

    I use that map quite a bit but as you will see it is five months out of date already so the shocking new proposals like Ben Wyvis, the Balmacaan 138 and the Stronelairg 140 turbine plants aren't even mentioned. It doesn't show the full horror of what is happening.

    As soon as it is updated (expected in the next month or so according to SNH) I will post it on here though.

    Many thanks Phil

  3. Crikey Alan, (that's the polite version) will there be any space left after this lot?

  4. My Auntie is buried in a small cemetery in rural Speyside. I've been up there and it's a lovely spot. Looking at that link, I can see that someone wants to put up 4 80m turbines just over a klick away. That pains me on a level I'm not quite sure I understand.

  5. Mark - The one thing we can be certain about is that there will be a lot more to come. If current estimates are correct for the proposed 'take' from wind, we are to increase the power from onshore turbines to three times what is currently operating and in planning.

    And they have to go somewhere...

  6. Kev: It is dreadful that we are sacrificing our countryside for a few measly GWs of generation.

    In years to come our children will look back at this period and wonder what on earth we were all doing to allow it.


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