Thursday, 30 June 2011


With the impending concreting-over of the Balmacaan Forest and Monadhliath Mountains, turning them into massive wind power plants, I have put up Phil Lambert's and my TGO Challenge of 2006 as a photo slideshow. Our walk that year passed through both places and so you can see what we are about to lose for generations. It was a magnificent walk across magical landscapes.

This was from 2006: Plockton to Catterline with Phil Lambert. Click on “View slide show” below.



  1. Aye, it's a cracker of a wee hill walking country you chose to visit, Alan ;-)

  2. Alan, thanks for sharing your photos. I have not came across Skydrive before. It seems pretty good for displaying photographs.

  3. I have to agree. I thought I would post these particular pictures from my 2006 Challenge as it passed through the Balmacaan Forest and the Monadhliath Mountains - both areas that are to be completely swamped in huge numbers of wind turbines.

    Both areas have a magnificent "wild" quality. They are not wildernesses, as the hand of man can be found everywhere - the little dammed lochans in the Balmacaan and the access tracks in the Monadhliath. But they are son to be massively industrialised with over a hundred miles if haul roads and half a million tons of concrete bases and over 300 wind turbines over 400 feet tall.

    Just look at the pictures and see what we are about to lose. Utterly heartbreaking!

  4. Hi Mark:
    I only came across it by accident and thought I would give it a whirl. I was also getting near my limit on Picassa and thought I would try something else. So far so good... We shall see.

  5. Great views, sadly marred by some ugly ba**ard with an orange rucksack.

  6. I note that the ugly ba**ard with the orange rucksack is now far more svelte than he was in 2006 and the orange rucksack has now been replaced by a very pretty yellow one.

    (Just for clarity you understand, and trying to avoid litigation...)

    Having said that, he did put on a huge amount of belly inbetween times - perhaps to be posted at a later date...?



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