Sunday, 26 June 2011


Continuing on the theme of windmills:


  1. She could have had me,you know, that Faye Dunaway.

  2. ''like the circles that you find....'' Dusty did a lovely version but this is my fav

  3. Hi David:
    I do like the pace of Dusty's version, but the orchestration is all a bit melodramatic towards the end....

    What am I thinking of! Two grown men talking about Dusty Springfield... Harrumph - in deeper manly tones... I quite like the version by the composer, Michel Legrand from back in the sixties (but it's in French).

    OM: She missed out, eh?

  4. Dusty was a great singer; would have been in any era. 'Goin' back' is one of my all-time favourites.

    OM, Alan's right; time to stop beating yourself up: Faye had her chance; she'll have to live with the regret.

  5. The Byrds version of "Goin' Back" is better than Dusty's version.

    Best of luck with the anti-windfarm stuff, Alan. I am doing my bit here in Wales. Not getting very far but chipping relentlessly away.


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