Saturday, 25 June 2011


Wind Turbines (Minimum Distance from Residential Premises) Bill (10th June 2011)

If you have a little time it is interesting to note that the House of Lords are quite up to speed with the problems associated with Wind Energy. It’s a shame that our elected representatives are not.

To watch the debate, fast forward just a little to 10:17:45, after clicking HERE to watch the House of Lords in action.


  1. It's a sobering and angering debate, Alan. I'm sad enough to be ploughing through it for the second time, as I was too incensed by it to take it all in first time around.

    If only they'd show it on TV at peak time, Joe and Josephine Public would be more the wiser and would see through the sham that The EU and blind fools in the HoC have lumbered us with.

  2. Pity the Scottish Parliament does not have a second chamber to balance the excesses of an elected majority party. Name three other countries with single house, or uni-cameral system. Funny how many are dictatorships! Only one problem, oft repeated, in the Lords debate. The belief that Scotland has a statutory 2km distance from houses. Mind you in open country and downwind 2km is totally ineffective as the Residents of Scatwell near the Fairburn Wind Farm are happy to testify.

  3. Well, nothing new to report, but on my way to and from the Cairngorms yesterday and the day before (for an overnighter on Braeriach) I drove by the Lochelbank and the Drumderg wind plants. On Thursday, I could see six turbines at Lochelbank were spinning (one wasn't). At Drumderg (which despoils one of the finest roads in the country, the Blairgowrie to Braemar one, as well as the Cateran trail by Bridge of Cally), none were turning.
    On the way back yesterday, both Drumderg and Lochelbank were shut.
    I'm not sure whether it was because there wasn't enough wind (there was a breeze at glen level and on the tops the wind had been fairly fresh) or whether demand is low.
    So either they were being paid not to operate or they could not produce energy anyway.
    In either case, a classic case of a waste of resources, environmental damage and loss of amenity.
    On the drive back from Blairgowrie to Perth you can also see a string of wind plants dotting the entire horizon to the South, from the Brae of Dounes to Lochelbank. And there are more to come.
    Perthshire used to be the finest county around here.
    This website gives a graphic illustration of the kind of battering the East Coast is taking!

  4. Thanks for that link Andy B; it really must be incredibly distressing for the neighbours of these proposed wind farms.

    Next week there is a court case down here; two fenland residents moved out off their farm because of noise from a windfarm next door and they are due in court - with two weeks allowed for the case.
    Everyone is on tenterhooks.
    Read about it HERE

  5. And here's why there are so many applications going through the system at the moment. Again, nothing new, but it's nice to see the national press raising an eyebrow or two. Of course, they only do it when it's too late, but what else can one do but raise the issue as you've been doing these past few months, Alan.

  6. Apologies, something went wrong with the previous link. Telegraph piece is here. Hope it works this time...


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