Sunday, 14 August 2011



I am delighted to announce the arrival of LYRA VICTORIA SLOMAN.

Congratulations to Oli & Nicole. Lyra came into the world this morning at the West Suffolk Hospital at 6:47am after an eleven hour delivery. She is a healthy young girl, weighing in at 8 lbs 4 ozs . Nicole & Oli must both be exhausted.

Both Nicole and Lyra are doing well. Time keeping is obviously not Lyra’s strong suit as she arrived ten days later than expected! It’s a girl thing…

I am a Grandfather. Can that be right?


  1. Congratulations Grandad

  2. Congratulations, Alan. Welcome to the club!
    No doubt the head wetting process is well under way by now.

  3. Oh my word!

    Many congrats to Oli & Nicole – and welcome to Lyra Victoria, who has excellent choice when it comes to parents but is obviously too young to have any sense when it comes to picking a Grandpa!

    Marvellous news Alan! Brightens up a rainy day!

  4. Congratulations! Now that's something really worth celebrating.
    (Eleven hours, crumbs, I never managed to hang on that long.)

  5. Congratulations to Oli & Nicole - oh dear, a Grandpapa. Heh Heh heh.

    Phil & Tini

  6. Congratulations Grandad Alan!
    hope mother and baby are well.

    p.s. it also Trish's birthday today, so she'll probably grow up a "hard working, forever young, control freak" LOL

  7. Congratulations, Alan.

    I trust you can be relied on to be a totally unsuitable influence and teller of inappropriate stories in the years to come.

  8. Congratulations!
    I must say that Lyra Victoria is a wonderful name.

  9. Congatulations Alan, you must be very happy and proud.

  10. That's wonderful news - well done! And congratulations to the new Grandaddy!

  11. Congratulations, grand dad !

    And congrats to Nicole and Lyra who've done all the hard work.

    What happens in 2020 ? Will she join you from west to east ?


  12. Congratulations Grandad!!!

    Huge responsibilities now fall on your shoulders ... we will have to have a chat!!!

  13. Doh. That should be 2030 of course. Back to school for me.(luckily Capricorns tend to start old and get younger every year)

  14. Congratulations to all! It's a pity that the Highland Park is all gone?!, although I can't help feeling you'll find a solution to that. Just a wild guess though.

  15. Congratulations grandad. Look forward to the review of the titanium zimmer frame!! ;o)

  16. Congratulations Alan. It's great being a grandad. You'll love it. Mine's 16 months and heading for her first pair of boots. You'll soon be heading to the hills with her.
    Alen McF

  17. Wow!
    That brought a response! The whole of life's rich tapestry is here, you know...

    Many thanks for your good wishes. Oli is now home fast asleep - get it while you can...


  18. Congrats indeed Papa Alan! My friend has recently come into possession of a grandson and insists he be called Papa Allan too!

  19. Congratulations Alan.
    All the best,
    Richard W

  20. Congratulations, Alan, to you and your newly extended family. She is very welcome in the Challenge family as well!!
    Being a granddad is all pleasure.
    Lou and Phylls

  21. Alistair: "My friend has recently come into possession of a grandson" So much easier than giving birth, eh? All you need these days is a big pair of boots, a nice jacket with a hood... ;-)

    Richard: For one minute, I got all excited there, seeing Richard White's blog, and all... Cheers, fella!

    Lou & Phyll: Wonderful to see you on this side of the pond. My Big Sister has just come back from visiting her own grandchildren in the States. She is now a Great Aunt as well... !8 years time, we might well have Lyra dragging her Grandad across on the Challenge. I'll be just a nipper of 74 then.

  22. Oh, Alan, joy, joy, joy!

    Happiness you can't yet even imagine.

    Very best wishes to all.

  23. Brilliant, Alan. Have you sobered up yet? You have Serious Responsibilities, you know!!!

    Very Best Wishes
    Martin and Sue

  24. Ah, Mark, Martin: Two ace grandfathers! I shall have to re-read your blog posts on what to do with little girls. Do they like footie and cricket? I still have a train set or two...

  25. What marvelous news! Congratulations! Wait til she starts pulling on your beard.

  26. Congratulations to all, no doubt Lyra will keep you busy as she gets older.

  27. I forgot to add the congratulations before now.
    So well done.
    That's Oli, Nicole and Lyra.
    I mean, what did you do?

    Anyway Grandpa, well done.
    I suppose that meant that you had a celebratory drink/(s) [Delete as Applicable] or something.

  28. Sweet! Grandparents and grandchildren are united against a comedy enemy| Well, not an an enemy per se, more that the the joy of these smalls is something to be treasured!

    Huge loves to you all.

  29. Karen, PW, NB, AW,& HMP3:
    Thanks to all - Have just come back from Oli & Nik's to see Lyra, with Rach (Daughter) and Fe (son): Even though I say it myself, she is quite beautiful and she did not cry all day!
    The first time the whole family has been together for quite a while.

  30. Kim: I have to say, most little babies are not particularly pretty (but to the eye of the adoring parents..) but this little girl *is* a smasher.

    She'll be breaking hearts before too long...



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