Tuesday, 9 August 2011


DISCLAIMER: I shall make it clear at the very outset that this item has been supplied free of charge to me to test and I am not expected to return it after my exhaustive testing regime. In fact, it’s mine now. All mine. I am at liberty to say what I like about it, when I like and how I like. Did I miss ‘who I like’ about it? Perhaps. But I’ll get to her later…

I should say that I was particularly pleased to accept this product as I had been on the look out for something of it’s ilk for a little while now. That fact may well may be reflected in my review of the product, so you will just have to take it on trust that I will be as honest as I can possibly be about its features and benefits.  /END OF DISCLAIMER


Some may say that this particular item is indispensible on the hill: Perhaps no trip can really be counted a success without its regular application. I have known entire expeditions to the furthest flung corners of this earth’s most remote wildernesses to founder, through lack of foresight in acknowledging simple human frailties; the wants and needs of its members.

So: Help is at hand. I hope you find this review of assistance in attaining Nirvana on your next outing to the Great Outdoors.

The test sample arrived in good order – the packaging was not damaged in any way and the delivery service – Parcel Force WorldWide – delivered it in the stated 24 hour delivery time frame that was required by the sender. I opened the carton with care so as not to damage the contents:

Gear Review 1

So far so good. I then carefully extracted the parcel from within the carton:

Gear Review 2

I was pleased to note that the sender had protected the review sample with great care – a lightweight inflated cylindrical jacket that may well itself take an automatic spot in my gear selection for future expeditions.

With even greater care, I removed this second layer of packaging to reveal the item as it would be found on the gear shop top shelf:

Gear Review 3 


Deep joy and wonder of wonders! I had been sent the special celebration edition. Sound out the trumpets. Set all the sails! Give the crew a celebratory flogging. Drag out the deepest full immersion bathtubs; Indeed - extra pinching of house-maids’ bottoms!

For the technically minded, this vital piece of equipment’s features are listed as follows:

  • Highland Park Distillery
  • Single Cask
  • Cask type: Refill Bourbon
  • Cask Size: Hogshead
  • Cask Strength: 57% vol
  • Filtration: Non chill filtered
  • Distilled: 1997
  • Bottled: 2010 (Aged 13 years)

I will get to the benefits a little later, in a subsequent review.

Grateful thanks to Rachael & Rod for supplying this for review.

A NOTE TO FUTURE GEAR SUPPLIERS: More like this, please….


  1. Glad you like it! I'll call you later

    Rach xx

  2. I'm shocked. Nay, horrified! Why don't I get free booze to review! I must be doing something terrbily wrong...

    On a more serious note how does one drink such a strong Whisky? I like mine neat but anything over 50% proof can be a little much. Perhaps I should take small sips rather than big gulps?

    Which reminds me I didn't quite kill off the bottle of Laphroig on my last trip...

  3. Very nice!. I tried the standard Highland Park for the first time last year.
    I'm always amazed that anyone can drink hooch on a backpack (I never touch a drop during the trip, or even the day before). I'm finding the ascents harder these days, after a few shots of that I'd be completely KO'd the next day.

  4. As one what has been to the distillery, I am somewhat mortified to find that you have been chosen to test this gear in preference to oneself.

    OK, no use crying over Hogshead Cask Strength: 57% vol Filtration.. etc.,

    On balance whould you recommend it? Or, is it something you could pass on to one like oneself?


  5. Rach:
    There are a few more bloggers on here who would like to test similar products... I shall put them all in touch with you, shall I?

    ShedD: I had to fulfil exacting and very strict parameters in order to be eligible for this particular promotion. You don't want to go there...

    As for drinking the electric water, - add a tiny bit of clear mountain water into the generous glass (Edinburgh crystal, preferably) and nose, then a tiny bit more and nose again... Oh God it's good.... Then gentle sips and wash around the palate to revel in the flavours. With each addition of the mountain spring water different flavours are released.

    Pure pleasure, it is...

    Geoff: A few drams of this nectar sets you up nicely for supper, overlooking that wild lochan listening to the music of the nearby burn and curlew with the warm evening sunshine on the back of your neck.

    And very nice after your stewed apples and custard pudding too.

    Quite nice just before retiring, come to think of it, and as a reward for struggling up to the trig point while you wait for your mate at the top.

    Gordon: When out on the hill I would also heartily recommend Glasgow Diesel and Low-flier as substitutes for the real thing. it all tastes so wonderful out there.
    Unfortunately the faeries seem to be taking more than their fair share of this particular sample... so there might not be a lit left in a day or so I shall have words with them...

  6. You ought to have that label scanned, enlarged and printed on a tee-shirt :-)

  7. Hello Stef,

    Indeed, I think I jolly well might! I am savouring this particular bottle - the sweetest of tastes!
    Cheers fella.

  8. Louise:

    How sweet of you. It is rather nice when your glass is kept nicely topped up. There's a love - Not too much water, mind. That bottle can get quite heavy after a while, even when I am doing my best to lighten it... No - Certainly no ice - thank you...

    Hmm that's nice - and there's "The Hour" on telly tonight too. So much better than watching riots - they're so eighties....

  9. That's an awful large amount of gear to test.
    I think you ought to have help with that.
    If you need help, just let me know, I'm just down the road you know!

  10. This is all very well, Mr. Sloman, but what us kiteratti want to know is.......

    How many grams does it weigh ?

  11. Andy: Hello ... (Burp, hic...) The gear pile is going down rather well at the moment. I am not sure if it the same at the borrom of the borrle as it was nerarer the topp..

    OM.. Oo Err. I amn't sure to be truthful. I know it weighs a lot less than it did and, in true conservation of all that matters, I weigh a lkkle bit more.

  12. Hello "MarksWalkingBlog" Was it fair of your Mum to christen you so? My brother (the one with the hair) hates his middle name but your Mum must have had a right ol' giggle at the font.

    Cheers, MWB - not much to go now. It is *very* drinkable.

  13. I find this version quite wobbly but it goes well with the one armed jacket and back to front fleece.
    Having this gear also seems to make the walking days get shorter.

  14. no way! 13 year old Highland Park! jealous indeed.

  15. Is this item not something you should be saving in pristine condition, ready to be posted off to that (very!) nice Mr Manning with your application form in a few weeks time?

    Norma K

  16. AlanR: A steady hand is required to test this product. Wobbliness should be avoided as spillage *will* be investigated. CCTV Pictures have been taken and Wobbling Testers will be tracked down like dogs and brought to justice.

    Alistair: This product is not recommended to Munro Baggers. There are side-effects: Happiness and blurring of lists.

    Norma, Missy: I am afraid the Deppity is incorruptible. He told me this after taking a couple of bottles. This dawned on me as I saw a clean pair of heels as he ran off out of the shattered off licence with the rest of the looters.

  17. And I thought I had done well getting a bag of dried dog food to review...

  18. But hey Alan, you are missing the most important: how much does it weight (empty/full)? Does it suit someone UL minded?

    What an impressive disclaimer, by the way!

  19. Dear fatdogwalks:
    I had thought that Mark's Mum had the prize for the cruellest Christening joke, but now I think that your dear Mama takes that accolade.
    I believe that even dried dog food would taste pretty scrummy when laced with 13 year old Highland Park. It would be a waste of an excellent malt though, so I better had not send you the last bit in the bottom of the bottle after all.

    Maria: Your mother obviously loved you and it shows in your impeccable manners.

    TO ALL IN THE CONGREGATION: In all seriousness - I would click on the last picture and take a good read of the label.

    This is indeed a very special bottle that I will continue to savour long after it has been consumed!

  20. Should we cancel this week's session?


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