Wednesday, 14 September 2011


The attentive amongst our congregation may remember me making mention of the proposed Wind Power Station to be sited slap bang on the boundary of the Cairngorm National Park Boundary.

Today I found a wonderful website, that shows just how visible this wind power station will be in the Highlands of Scotland. It’s actually quite shocking:



For the wider area of the Highlands they have come up with this map:


Visit their website to find interactive maps of the visual impact.


  1. They now want to double the size of the already too large farm on Scout moor just outside Rochdale.
    There are too many grants and subsidies being handed out for any sort of clear view to take preference over greed of the few.
    They won the initial construction battle proposing only a small number of turbines and now they are built the likelihood of a big protest over doubling the size will be lessened.
    I just worry so much for Scotland if the same mental approach is conducted.
    The companies seem to be winning so easily. just mention Green energy and you have more or less won whatever the impact on people or environment.

  2. Alan R - the same mentality does indeed rule here. Subsidies and grants speak much louder than sense and actual facts. The stealth approach of little by little developments means that we are having them foisted on us and Alex Salmond says that anyone who objects is 'daft'

  3. It is interesting that Peter Hughes, the Chief Executive of trade body "Sottish Engineering" has come out attacking Salmond's energy policy on wind, saying that it is unsustainable, too expensive and just plain flawed. He is taking a stand against Salmond asking to see Salmond's workings out, as he has done the sums and it doesn't stack up.
    Scotland should prepare itself for blackouts under Salmond's energy policy.

  4. Politics and money, what a horrible bloody shambles.

  5. And, as usual, the politicians' decisions are always about the money. They hardly ever make a good decision about the environment in which their constituents actually live.

    Even more bogglingly, we still vote for them.

  6. "the politicians' decisions are always about the money"

    Sadly not true. Their decisions tend to be about policy. Whence our appalling budget deficit stems.

    If only their decisions HAD been about the money. We would all be far, far, better off - and have a sane energy policy too ;-)

  7. Wow, you make the point so clearly. My current body of artwork (In 50 Years) is about this very subject.

    We have so much to lose.

  8. Hi Rolina
    Thanks for dropping by. I'm looking forward to seeing your painting develop. You live in a wonderful part of the world and to see it threatened with such vast industrialisation is heartbreaking.

  9. Scotlands wind farms are about the political zeal to obey Brussels and to attain european CO2 targets. Nothing more and nothing less. Talks of jobs and future prosperity for Scotland is simply smoke and mirrors. They won't entertain any opinion that conficts with the illusion they have bought into - Cognitive Dissonance!

  10. Mr. Sloman
    I live in Norfolk.
    I am not gay as a statement of fact but I love you.
    As a retired electrical engineer I always refer to these idyllic PR-cosied w--df--ms by their real INDUSTRIAL name of wind power stations. Would that you can teach ALL anti-wind campaigners to do the same.
    I am a State pensioner already in FUEL POVERTY and do not see why I should subsidise someone elses lifestyle with pink elephant behemoths which do not do what is stated on the box and totally destroy UK residents' environmental inheritance. Salmond will DESTROY the Scottish economy with his technically illiterate civil servant type dream of utter futility chasing a "green" holy grail which is non-existent.
    Sincere congratulations on your inspiring tribute to your father.

  11. Hi Alan

    It really is a tragedy in the true sense of the word.

    The economics of wind power, whether on-shore or off-shore, just don't stack up. It is run purely on the trading of ROC's and as you rightly say it is the consumer who is paying for it.

    Everyone on low incomes has to pay the extra costs from wind power, regardless of their ability to pay.

    The additional cost of strengthening the National Grid to enable it to attempt to cope with this new form of generation alone is boggling and the politicians never mention this.

    New Gas power stations need to be built to cope with the rapid start-ups and switch-offs required to work alongside the peaky power from wind.

    Our landscapes are being scarred for an entire life-time..

    Salmond has promised and continues to promise hundred of thousands of "Green Jobs" in Scotland, when all independent forecasters say there will be a net loss of jobs because of this insane energy policy.

    You couldn't make it up, could you?

    Thank you for your kind words.


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