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Jersey: The Channel Island Way: 11: FINAL THOUGHTS


From the preceding ten posts, those of the congregation that stayed with me and didn’t run screaming after I mentioned the words “Geography lesson” – Jolly Well Done! You are the true heroes of the last ten posts. You have stuck with my daily diary entries about the hell that is Jersey. Winking smile

Mark & I suffered. Yes; it was hell out there, enjoying the hospitality provided by Jersey Tourism on your behalf. Those lunches and dinners just don’t eat themselves, you know. And in between the fine dining we hiked and toiled our way along sections  of the Channel Island Way that were sensationally scenic.

Wherever we were, we bumped into happy smiley people who genuinely believed that they inhabited a little piece of paradise on earth. And who can blame them? At every turn on our walks we encountered either beauty at the intimate level of the flowers and insects or the sheer physical pleasure of the wonderful coastal scenery:

The Channel Island Way, La Corbiere

If you enjoy coastal walking, think of Jersey a little like you would think of Cornwall. But think of it as Cornwall done properly:

  • No litter
  • No peeling paint
  • Happy, smiling service
  • Good quality, good value accommodation
  • More sunshine
  • Empty, clean beaches
  • Great restaurants, cafes & pubs.
  • A friendly welcome
  • And – for walkers – no barbed wire! (a point close to my heart)

Hopefully, I have furnished you with the required tools to enjoy the walk and the desire to go and have a look for yourself. I shall definitely be going back next year to have an even more languorous lope about the island.

I was told before I set out for Jersey that the island gets under your skin. It certainly has for me: I can’t wait to have another look.


  1. "an even more langorous lope"?
    Now there's a challenge - perhaps Ken would come with you?
    Very much looking forward to reading about that (but may turn a little green in the process!)

  2. Hi alan,
    I have waited for the last posting before reading them all in one session. You have been a lucky lad.
    One thing that puzzles me is just how clean Arthur the Tormentor’s shoes are on the last photo. Not even a scuff! Not a sign of a pub doorway trip up.

    I never have considered Jersey for walking but considering the weather we have had this year it would make a nice TGO daunder for next year.

    What is the situation regarding wild camping on Jersey or camping in general.
    Enjoyed the read Alan, well done.

  3. Alan, I have enjoyed all of your posts like it seems you enjoyed all that food & drink ! I think you have cracked it. Ultra lightweight hiking - just take a credit card and sod the tent,sleeping bag and the food out of pouches. Fine dining and hotels all the way. You don't have to carry anything except the extra kgs around one's waist at the end of the trip :)

    A great series of posts Alan.

  4. Mark: Maisie would probably be able to keep up. Ken could teeter around on the new mean green machine. He could then go on ahead and book the tables! - Splendid!

    AlanR: Hello, ol' friend! I am indeedy a lucky lad! The Tormentor's shoes were extra shiny as we had only just started the walk that morning from the lighthouse (I mentioned that that particular picture was out of sequence) However, it should be said, that Arthur is a particularly snappy dresser - he's always very smart indeed!

    As for wild camping - it could be a bit tricky as there is nowhere particularly away from habitation - perhaps along the north coast? You would prolly get away with a bivvy; late & early, etc? There are one or two campsites dotted around the coast - see jersey Tourism website for details. But - a very fine walking destination!

  5. Hi Mark's WB:
    I think that's the best solution! Perhaps, if it's a really gorgeous summer night, sleep out under the stars after visiting the pub listening to the soft 'plash' of the surf below the cliffs... cuddling into the gurl of your dreams....

  6. cuddling into the gurl of your dreams....
    Problem is often when you wake up.
    Either it was all a dream or much much worse!!! Such are Beer Goggles, but I'll not expand!

    Anyway, another good read Alan, and a nice coastline.
    I did the Pembrokshire Coast a while back (a long while back to be honest). Rather a lot of weather I seem to remember.

    I had never really thought of Jersey, until now.

  7. Mad'n'BadAndy: I remember not too long ago one of your posts entitled "I love Lucy" or some such epic from the early sixties...

  8. Thank you Alan, it looks a wonderful place to vist. And as it could be difficult to `wild camp` I suppose it will have to be hotels & pubs every night.......shame :-)

  9. I am still happily married to the lass. (Well not 24 hours of every day)
    Love is blind!

  10. Hi Steve: I agree - it would be a terrible shame to endure the luxuries of fine hotels with pubs every night. Sigh...

  11. Mad'n'Bad: It is good to hear that. Does she know you are away for two weeks in May yet? Or are we leaving that until you start packing the rucksack...

  12. I have confessed early this year.
    It is more harmonious hopefully.
    Last year I did break the news with about 3 weeks to go, and the Lakes trip the day before.
    It did not go down well.

  13. Mind you, the Pole Dance Club and Gender Change Photos didn't help when I got back.

    I'll grab my coat!

  14. Mad'n'Bad: I would have thought that all that Hurricane on the last Monday would have stripped off all the lippy and mascara...

    Did she notice, then? Wimmin - They can tell, you know...

  15. Ah ha ... the 'missing island'!!!

    I will mention this blog when I do my next audio podcast Alan as it completes the Channel Island Way series.

    Interesting to see we have all be approached by various PR companies to promote this book. I would love to know how the returns are measured, and how the figures stack up!

    PS: I think we did the real thing and actually 'camped' at some stage, ya big softie!!

    Video and links to the audio can be found here>

  16. Hi Bob & welcome aboard!

    "Big softies" indeed! It was tough assignement, you know! I put on five pounds on that trip!

    I really enjoyed your CIWay podcasts; I listened to them all. To make life easier for the congregation you can find Bob's podcasts on the Channel Island Way's other islands

  17. Hi Alan.

    Great report - all that sun, sand and sea, super walking and fine food. And you came back 5 pounds "better off" as well!

    Like many, I waited until I'd finished the last installment before posting. And, like many, I wouldn't have seriously considered Jersey as a likely walking destination before this either. So thanks for enlightening me/us and thanks for the undoubted sacrifce you had to make in order to research the topic.

    Lucky b****r!

  18. Jules, I am all heart!

    Now then, where did I put that email from the Seychelles Bureau of Tourism...?

  19. Well that was excellent Alan and many thanks for the series. I'm actually in the market for a walking trip before the end of the year. Looks like something completely different!

  20. I suppose it's a bit like Skye, without the mountains.... Might be a bit warmer too...
    I don't remember any bogs either... or midges, or clegs.

    I think you might enjoy it!

  21. I've just come across this, Alan, and much enjoyed it. Great that your blogging efforts have yielded such dividends, and a great advert for Jersey. A bit flat, though?

  22. "A bit flat though.."

    I had a roller coaster of a good time. It doesn't always have to be the great European Ranges you know! There should always be time for a really good luncheon, or two....


  23. I agree, Alan. I was on 'The Salford Trail' yesterday. Very interesting but I doubt the altimeter would have got into double figures of ascent, had I used it.

    Your trip also had the inestimable bonus of having Mark, and Arthur, as knowledgeable companions. Sounds great.

  24. Cracking series of posts Alan, really enjoyed reading them all. I was with you for every step, view, crab claw, beach, beer, castle, beer, cliff, meal, beer, beer, pudding, beer, beer.............

  25. And that is exactly how a summer walking holiday should be.

    Anyone can do pain, rain & misery. It takes class to go out and have a thoroughly great time with little bits of luxury, decadence and fun all thrown in.

    You made it all the way through to the last post, Andy. Sounds like you have the stamina and fortitude for this sort of holiday. Go on. Treat yourself. Get yourself some brownie points from Mrs SnS. You have some way to make up, after the 'Babygro' incident...

  26. Lets just say she wasn't best pleased with my sharing her fetish with the blogosphere!


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