Monday, 14 November 2011


Burley's Supplies

To avoid catastrophic failure it’s advisable that expeditions should at least have a basic framework that participants sign up to. I don’t know how I ended up with the role of “Binder” again but somehow I have been tasked with coming up with a plan & route for a madcap weekend “up north”. I think everyone else took two paces backwards.

“Up north” can be jolly cold at the back end of November and the plan is to camp two nights on top of tall places, where, funnily enough, it can be even colder.

So far, the most helpful advice I have had from the expedition’s “Burley” is as follows:

“I'll have a bottle of Ouzo my wife brought back from Cyprus for me. Saving it for this trip to share ;-) Unless of course, I end up drinking it before then but I'll endeavour to keep it safe ;-)”

So we should be nice and warm, then.


  1. Surprising new look to your blog Alan, but I like it. Look forward to hearing of the debauchery that ensues post-ouzo.

  2. Nothing was previously said about getting lost, you kept that one to the last minute.

    Why is that woman blowing on the ouzo?

  3. Carl: There will be moderation and control. Supplies will be meted out as part of a strict rations regime.

    I wonder....

  4. James: (Or should I say "Jungle"?) As someone keen to keep us on the straight & narrow you can be the map reader aka "Jungle".

    Well volunteered Sir! Can't have anyone getting misplaced, can we?

    A tip here: Yorkshire is to the north of London.

  5. Aye, you're right about expecting it to be cold on top of 'tall places' in November. We were on Penyghent last Saturday. It was perishing. Couldn't get down quick enough!
    Good luck.

  6. Hot water bottles and warm sleeping bags will keep us warm and toasty. We can go down lower if its real nasty.

    As for the booze, that is your area of expertise.

    Look forward to it.

  7. Martin: Hi! (Or should I call you "Constant"?) Supplies sound like they may well be on the low side. Extra warmth & insulation may well be required if the weather is as Old Runningfox describes...

    Binder never does find the mythical Camp 2, so I had better come with my own supplies.

  8. The ouzo sounds like a good idea....
    Enjoy your trip to tall places.
    I'll look forward to reading all about it.


  9. Trevor: Since this post there have been changes! Burley can no longer make it and has been replace by Prone. Prone has had so many things wrong with his in the lst year or so that he is indeed well qualified to be the expedition's Doctor.

    The team now comprises Burley, Jungle, Constant & Prone. We have the dog as well who will represent the 50,000 Porters. He is, after all, used to carrying his own kit.

  10. For the purpose of this trip Reuben would like to be refered to as 'Bounder'. He laughs in the face of a steep hill. Those needing help ascending can hold his lead for gentle assistance to the top.

  11. I seem to recall that it was the Porters who made the Ascent of Rum Doodle the huge success it was... the rest of the party having climbed the wrong mountain...

    Bounder may well be vital to this expedition's success. We can send him up the right hills when we have found ourselves lost in the Yorkshire Mists.

  12. I now have a fine Glenmorangie as part of my Medical kit.
    Actually it is all of my medical kit.

    I do hope however, that we will be able to order Champagne on route somwehere.

    Do you think I will need my beach towel and flip flops?


  13. Prone: "Do you think I will need my beach towel and flip flops?"

    I would ask Jungle; He's in charge of navigating, so every chance, I suppose...

  14. Sounds like fun.

    Yorkshire and Ouzo - there's a combination you don't see every day.

    Good luck, and don't forget to tell us about it if you get back!

  15. Jules: Ouzo / Pastis etc is rocket fuel to propel the weary slackpacker up the hill.

    Should be in every kit-list.


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