Saturday, 5 November 2011


A lovely day out today up in London to visit the niece and ‘do’ the museums and a pub.

First on the hit list, with a very big hit, was to see Doug Aitken’s ‘Black Mirror’ at Victoria Miro, starring the gorgeous Chloë Sevigny. Here’s my rather shaky attempt, hand-held in the dark with the thundering base vibrating the room.

Doug Aitken: Black Mirror

Then a rather tasty lunch followed by a stroll to the British Museum to try (in vain) to get to see the Grayson Perry exhibition. But it was completely full up and so a return visit will be required. That’s a hardship, then!

I did manage to get a few hand-held snaps of the wonderful British Museum’s Great Court roof (Foster & Partners) in the evening light after strolling through the corridors of ancient Egypt and Greece. I think we ought to hang on to the Elgin pieces for a while, don’t you? Otherwise the French & Germans will be having them as loan guarantees…




  1. Someone suggested, rather unkindly, that it might be an appropriate moment for the UK to offer the Greek government a knock-down price for the sale of the Parthenon. We've had to put up with the incomplete Elgin Marbles for so long and this would be a good opportunity to get the whole set, so to speak

  2. Perhaps we could have a few of their more pleasant islands as well, while we are at it?

    We could install 'Phil the Greek' back into position as their rightful King at the same time?

    What do you think?

    Maybe not, then...

  3. Funnily enough, we popped under a Foster and Partners roof on Saturday as well – for a quick coffee at the Sage in Gateshead. They do good roofs. I was thinking of getting them to re-slate mine, which leaks a bit when the rain’s from the east.

  4. for your information, you might find it of interest to GOOGLE
    --- sabre loch loyne ---

  5. Did your visits to museums stimulate you to fiddle with your blog ? I like the grey/jellow one, the blue one was horrible to look at.


  6. loving the new look. I've filed you under "yellow peril"

  7. Many thanks, Anon: That is indeed the very site where I found the picture of the north bridge over Loch Loyne that I posted on the Chally message board last night.

    (You can always leave a name at the end of your posting a comment if you are insure how to log into Google, so I know who to thank!)

  8. Allen: I think Lord Foster would have earned enough by now to do a few charity gigs to fix the leaky roof, don't you?
    Maybe we should write and ask?

  9. Theo: I agree. With winter creeping up on us I felt it was time for a little sunshine in our lives!

  10. Chris: Very sweet of you. It is a bit *sudden*, isn't it? But I am getting used to it, slowly... there may yet be one or two further fiddles to complete it.

  11. Great new background Alan. Inspired by the Beauly-Denny power line?

  12. Blimey, your blog has gone radio active!!

  13. Maisie/Ken: The Beauly-Denny Powerline may yet be perceived as a thing of beauty. Tourists will flock to visit the impressive towers and their cables slung through the Cairngorm National Park. They may well be inspired to make side-visits to see the Allt Duine Wind Power Station.

    Alas no: This latest colour scheme was inspired by trudging mile after mile behind Lord Elpus on our many TGO Challenges together. His rucksack was a shade of this wonderful sunburst yellow. When it was peeing down with rain, I focussed on him to brighten up my day.

  14. Robin: Sweet of you to notice the changes. I was nuked in the Chernobyl cloudburst all those years ago in the Lake District. It's finally made it's way out of my body through the keyboard of the laptop.

    Just reading this page will mean that you will have taken on enough radiation to boil a kettle or power a Ukrainian city for a week.


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