Friday, 4 November 2011


Dad died five years ago now. This song sums up how life is with Mum. If your parents still have all their marbles rolling along nicely, give them a call.

Thanks to Dave Wood for reminding me of this.

Been climbing trees I've skinned my knees
My hands are black the sun is going down
She scruffs my hair in the kitchen steam
She's listening to the dream I weaved today
Crosswords through the bathroom door
While someone sings the theme tune to the news
And my sister buzzes through the room leaving perfume in the air
And that's what triggered this
I come back here from time to time
I shelter here some days

A high-back chair, he sits and stares
A thousand yards and whistles marching-band
Kneeling by and speaking up
He reaches out and I take a massive hand
Disjointed tales that flit between
Short trousers and a full dress uniform
And he talks of people ten years gone
Like I've known them all my life
Like scattered black & whites
I come back here from time to time
I shelter here some days
I come back here from time to time
I shelter here some days


  1. Sincere thanks for that Alan (and Dave, and Elbow).

    Oh so clever; it took me back to a kitchen/living room - the centre of my 1950s universe.


  2. Alan, I have only just seen this post.
    My Mum passed away last month and I am still trying to come to terms with my loss, although she was 82 and had suffered with her health over the last few years.
    No matter how much you think you have prepared yourself for the inevitable you are never ready when the time comes. My feelings of loss will ease with time I suppose.
    This song summed up my feelings at the time I posted it on Facebook when I suggested that everyone should phone their Mum and tell them how much they were loved.
    Glad at least one person took notice.

  3. Been wandering through your blog for the first time tonight and this struck a chord. Lost my dad 7 years ago and my mum 3 years ago - both far too young. There isn't a day goes by I don't think about them and hardly a night that I don't dream about them. Life is sometimes really hard! Take care, Chrissie

  4. Chris: Thank you. I was reading all about your Pennine adventure with Reuben & Dixie only today... Nice blog. :-)


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