Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I spent most of today in Addenbrookes Hospital in various uncomfortable positions being poked, jabbed and having various bits taken away for examination. They didn’t even give them back to me, so I am now a little lighter than before.

It did give me time in the recovery ward to listen (in headphones, full pelt) to six wonderful hours of BBC Radio 3. One of the delights was listening to Bruckner’s 7th Symphony all the way through. It was glorious.

Here’s a small snippet. It’s emotional. (No video for this first clip)

Then, I heard that tomorrow @ 9:00pm (Thursday) there will be a spankingly wonderful programme on BBC4 – “Symphony” Here’s a taster of what’s to come:

Worth staying in for!


  1. I think that I'm getting the themes of your post a tad muddled up. What was it that Addenbrookes removed? Not your flugelhorn or your maracas, I hope!!!

    Hope you're back to your normal self soon, Alan.

  2. Great music, I hope things go well with the tests.

  3. The scene is a hospital laboratory.

    Men in white coats are taking turns to look down a microscope and shake their heads.
    Finally one says
    "And you mean he walked in himself ? "

  4. Hmm. If they take bits away and don't give them back it sounds like you need all our good wishes.
    Hope all is well Alan.

    This blogging lark is getting quite a dangerous sport.

  5. Hi Stef:
    No, thankfully my flugelhorn and maracas were left untouched.

    Geoff: Hello Sir! Me too... :-(

    OM: I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy like washing up brushes and tea towels for a while and bending over to tie up walking shoes is currently a little tricky.

    I did manage a few glasses of something crisp & dry when I got back in last night though, for pain relief, of course.

    Life is a wonderful free-fall to knackeredness!

  6. Phil and Martin have obviously started a trend in having various body parts removed in an attempt to achieve SUL status. And now you!!

    Best wishes and all that stuff.

    Vaughan William's 5th. Nothing finer!

  7. Hi Al: Ta, fella. How are you doing - better now?

    Robin: I shall wander off & find some Vaughan Williams 5th forthwith! Ta.

    They only pinched a few grams, nothing on the scale of Martin & Phil's poundage.


  8. Hope all goes well Alan. I've decided to opt out of having my hand sliced open and various bits of palmer fascia removed. They definitely weren't offering to give any bits back. Quite the opposite.

    When the condition returned (50% chance),they wanted to remove more bits.

  9. Oooooooh Gibson: That all sounds horrid. My own barbed wire/hand incident still give me the heebie-jeebies, just thinking about it. I hope yours stays bearable.

  10. Well then!
    Who saw the programme? The Beeb at its best! Composers and their music put into the context of when it was written and how the talents competed with each other to excel!

    A wonderful programme. More; same time next week.

  11. Alan, hope everything turns out okay. I'm more in need of rebalancing than either removal or addition.

    There's a few places I could spare a bit and a few others which could use the extra.

  12. I've recorded the programme, so, given the comments here, looks like I have something worth watching/listening to this weekend. Thanks!

    Regarding other wind instruments, north of the border, link to Engineers warning should interest you

  13. I watched - purely on the strength of your reccomendation I hasten to add. And the verdict?.....Ta! Enjoyed it enormously. It was very interesting to see the context and to understand how the different composers followed, learned and built on what had gone before. (Beethoven 'the rule breaker' - does that make hime just a little bit punk then?) I fully expected the beeb to follow it with a broadcast of yer actual orchestra playing a symphony or two - surely that would have made some sort of sense?
    Hope things are well with you - that all sounds a bit grim.

  14. Byeways: You're just a naughty chap!

    Brian: Thanks for that link. Perhaps, finally the strength of professional opinion against this blight will finally hold sway? But we have to remember: It's politicians we are dealing with here. Common sense not being high on the list of their abilities.

    Mark: Three more programmes to come!


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