Friday, 18 November 2011


Wee Willy Wilky & Mad'n'Bad Andy

M’Lords, Ladles and Gentlespoons

We are gathered here today to witness that these two persons here present are to be lawfully bound, gagged & drugged up to the eyeballs in whisky. They will be taken from this place to a place where their bodies will be hanged from deer fences and feasted upon by clouds of the midges. Should they survive, they will run the gauntlet of circling buzzards, waiting to peck out their eyes, livers & lights. They will trudge through wild soggy moorland with no hope of respite for a minimum of fourteen days carrying heavy burdens.

And just what have these miscreants done to deserve this dreadful end?

They have been lucky. They have had their names drawn out of a hat by Lady Sierra Manning and their fate is now sealed. They are now participants in the TGO Challenge 2012.

I shall accompany them to make sure their punishment is complete.


  1. I hope to `bump` into you three somewhere along the way.

  2. Ha ha, I like these short posts. Easy for my infantile mind to follow. Looks like that my little pony bribe worked. If you fancy a local bimble with a new face to get the legs into fettle, give me a shout. Local to you or I that is - have car may travel.

  3. £uck Me!
    Could you not have found a more flattering photo of me than that.

    On second thoughts, don't answer that.

    I have to admit to previous form, and this is NOT my first offence.
    In fact, I am a 'Serial offender'.

    BUT poor old Wilko, he's shower fodder poor sod.

  4. Steve: You're just trying to pick up Mad'n'Bad Andy again to show him the secret ways across the hills. He's an easily-led lad.

  5. Carl - Were you aware that you are but a stone's throw from Lord Elpus and Miss Whiplash. They are just over the other side of the A14 from you and stroll Suffolk constantly. I will get my people to talk to their people about meeting up.

    Where are you on the standby list? If it's under 30 it's virtually a definite.

  6. Mad'n'Bad: No, thank you.

    Wee Willy Wilky and I will go and investigate shoe & sock emporia together, to have the gentleman correctly shod for 2012's endeavours.

    No Blisters For Dave next time! No Sir!

  7. Flogging's too good for them!

    See you in Braemar!

  8. Andy: See if you can organdize a Sunday afternoon stroll with Lord E, Miss W, Carl & yourself. Is the Three Blackbirds open again (Woodditton)? Would be a good central location...

    Also - that pub as Sunday Stroll pedigree... Sigh....

  9. Robin: I am not sure about seeing you in Braemar. That place has pubs, restaurants, music and dancing. We can't go spoiling the miscreants, after all?

    I could leave them chained to a tentpeg on the camp site whilst we take tea together at "Taste"

  10. I get to try out my new rucksack and boots, yey!

  11. Louise: This Challenge thing. Admit it: It's just an excuse to nip out to a different sort of shop? At this rate, you'll soon be needing a new cupboard to house all the walking gear..

    Well done Miss! Braemar?

  12. Braemar indeed! Although, I won't be there until early afternoon Saturday. Don't drink all the beer, there's a love, share nicely!
    See you there.

  13. Louise: The Fife *has* been drunk dry in the past. It was terrible. Mind you, the beer there isn't good - it's much better up at the Moorfield for the Bingo Wings Party.

    I shall put you at the top of my dance card for the Bingo Wings spectacular.

  14. Blimey, I've got some catching up to do on these comments and it's not my blog!

    You lot all seem to live in my back yard - you can get hold of my email address from Alan (if I am not on his spam list) if you fancy getting together for a stroll/pint/both.

    I've just been out on a bimble from Stetchworth to Haverhill (short post to follow) so didn't get quite as far as the Blackbirds but I will enquire.

    I am proud to have managed to avoid, the M of Granby, Kings Head, Boot, Bull, Lion etc enroute as starting (the ale) at midday on a Sunday spells disaster unless planned!

    I managed to get hold of number 17 on the standby list as some of you may have found out so chances are I'm on!

  15. Carl: You're dong this wrong. You need to be happily tiddly in order to be encouraged to venture outside into the mist & clag and sticky Suffolk clays. Without the anaesthetic Lord Elpus would never move a muscle.

    I will pass on your email details to Andy & Phil.

    The Red Lion (Kirtling) used to be a cracking little pub then it went all cheapo Spanish and ruined.

    One of the best has to be Linton: Proper Spanish food and excellently kept beers.

  16. Linton = Dog and Duck? Haven't been there for years!

    Oh, and the trip back to pick the car up would not have been conducive with a good motoring record had I partaken.

    Oh, btw - 3 Blackbirds got a Newmarket Journal pub of the year for 2011, so it must be open - not sure on the quality/prestige of said award though - might have to give it my own appraisal on the way home from work one day.

    Louise - you have the same affliction as me! Gear addict. Although I have cut down my 'usage' of late. ;)

  17. Linton? Linton???? It's LIDGATE !!!!

    With that wonderful spanish lady who created the catalan cuisine for which it is famed ... BUT ...

    dark days came. I think her husband died, and recently the rapacious Greene King (encouraged by the dividend hungry Miss W) had been raising rents to tenants, and the enterprise fell on hard times.

    Fortunately it has risen revitalised.

    Fingers crossed!

  18. Linton/ Lidgate....You can see now why I let Phil do the navigating... I was in the wrong village.....

    That does look rather good, Phil. :-)

  19. Carl
    Alan is giving totally the wrong impression of me, honest. I don't really like gear, not at all, have very little of it.


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