Saturday, 31 March 2012

Just a modicum of fitness… please?

In a desperate attempt to get even just a tiny but fit for the Challenge, which is now coming at me like a train crash, I extended my walk today back from Windsor through the Great Park to take in the Obelisk, the Totem Pole and the Valley Gardens. It made the whole walk a touch over fourteen miles. Thank goodness the weather was overcast; I’m not too good in the heat.

The Obelisk was fascinating – it was erected by George II, in grateful thanks to his son William, the Duke of Cumberland, who gave the Scots and their hangers on a good pasting at Culloden. It has to be said that this has not been forgotten by the Scots and they *do* bang on about it quite a bit.


The original engraving on the monument said “CULLODEN” but Queen Victoria, who was partial to the odd trip up north or two, had it chopped out and replaced with “CUMBERLAND” to soften the hammer blows of history.

I took some snaps of the beautiful trees, bushes and dwarf daffs, all in bloom in the Valley Gardens. I am not much cop at identification, so if there are any bush lovers out there, (Ooooh!) perhaps you could let me know what they are in the comments.

On the way home, strolling across Ascot racecourse, I bumped into Jon Quirk, a thoroughly nice fellow and member of our congregation. It’s nice to put a face to a name. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Jon as he only lives a few miles from me.


  1. Good to see you are keeping fit :)
    I managed a 12 mile walk along Hadrian's Wall and back via the valley, after my work in Warwick Bridge.

    Snug back home in flatlands now though.

    Cannot get your links to work though.
    They come up with an error

    This item might not exist or is no longer available

    1. Hmmm. Techie stuff. I hate techie stuff. Could you try it again and let me know?

    2. Seemples!
      It now better working greatly is! :)

  2. Links not working for me either Alan (at 06:15 this morning) - same result " This item might not ... " etc.

    1. Thanks Brian.
      I have republished the post having fiddled with a few settings. This is strange, as the last two times I used "Skydrive" it was all quite simple.
      The thing is, I saw it perfectly the first time...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Gibson!
      I had to fiddle about with some settings (which I have never had to do before, but thinking about it, I downloaded a huge amount of "Windows Live" patches the other day - so it makes me wonder if they have changed the default security settings)
      But at least it works now!

  4. Yep, links ok here now.
    Since it's not terribly hilly down there, you could try doing regular walks at a brisk pace with ankle weights. Very easy, I find it helps!.

    1. Ankle weights. Ankle weights? Ankle weights!!!
      Bloomin' 'eck, Geoff! I may be keen, but....

      Do you think they might work, then? Didn't Stanley Matthews ruin around in big army boots for some similar effect? But if I were to strap packs of butter to my ankles, do I need to walk "at a brisk pace" as well?

      Besides, if I go too fast, it might melt the butter.

    2. I used to use ankle weights for training.
      5lb on each leg. I would then do something ridiculous like a 6 mile run.

      And I have required cartilage operations on both knees.

      I am not saying there was a link.
      Just saying. :)

  5. Good to see your "training regime" is beginning to pay off!

    Is it?

    1. :-)
      Jules: There has been no beer. There may have been the occasional glass of red - but that's far less bulk and calories (I think?)

      Perhaps the Eccles cakes make up for the difference though... as the pounds do *not* seem to be slipping away.
      Quite the opposite, in fact.
      The comedy belly is still sitting there, grinning up at me.

    2. I suppose I could call up the old adage of muscle weighing more than fat, but I guess you're not going to buy that one, are you?

      And, TBH, I'm not sure that swapping beer for red wine and Eccles Cakes has a proven track record for weight loss, either. :)

      Never mind, you've a few more weeks yet to get in trim!


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