Tuesday, 31 October 2006

With the hour just changing I was wondering just how much daylight I will have at the start of the walk in Cornwall, so I nipped over to a favourite site: The US Naval Observatory, Astronomical Applications Department

This site is not as scary as the address sounds and is in fact very user-friendly. You can plug in the latitude & longitude of anywhere in the world and get the sunrise and sunset information for the whole year of your choice - all for free! (Ooh - I like the 'free' bit).

I have found that at the beginning of March I will have 10 hours & 57 minutes of daylight - and of course this means thirteen hours of night-time) That, coupled with the blustery weather at the start of March, will probably mean quite a few hours investigating the Good Beer Guide's recommendations in the warm, dry and brightly lit interior of the pub.

At the other end, at far off Duncansby Head, I will have 18 hours & 18 minutes of daylight. Just perfect to sit outside the pub with a nice pint, admiring the soft evening sunlight.


  1. I very much like the idea of joining you for a spot of a wander and a cold beverage either indoors or outdoors...

  2. Ah, Oliver - My first son & heir - who will in all likelihood inherit all my ailments - Gout is a bit of a bugger, Oli.

    All that drinking will be bad for you... I suggest that I shall do the drinking for you, and you can do the paying - that way you will have a clear head in the morning and have less wight (change) to carry on the next day's walk.

    When I have the route sorted into days, I will publish it all on here, so that anyone who might like to join me for a day or so can work out when they can join me and where they will be walking.
    There will be more on the blog about this later on.


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