Wednesday, 20 December 2006


All this talk about haircuts has got me thinking.

I am going to be ‘out there’ walking for some sixteen weeks. Now in the ordinary scheme of things I have my haircut every six or seven weeks. Being a hirsute chap and wanting to stay in reasonable trim, I tweak the facial hair into some sort of shape twice a week.

So what shall I do for the sixteen weeks? I shall not be carrying the beard trimmer with me; far too heavy. Anyway, I will be carrying enough electronics with me on the walk to land a man on the moon.

I suppose the thinning thatch on top of my head can be dealt with halfway through at a local barber on one of my days off. But what of the facial hair? Do I come home looking like a yeti? I suppose I could hack it about with a pair of scissors using the mirror on the compass, but I doubt if that will be a good enough job. I can see that the only solution will be to spoil myself on a regular basis at the barber and get treated to a beard trim.

Lets hope they all have twenty-twenty vision, speak English (a new requirement apparently) and hairdressing diplomas on the wall…


  1. Hi Alan,

    My hair solution is a 3 ounce trimmer that does (a) my beard, and (b) my essentially-shaved head. It's called Just A Trim, and costs $10 (5 pounds in the US) and is sold at drug stores (as in Boots). It takes two AA batteries. It probably won't survive a lot of use.

    Google Just A Trim for more info. Can be ordered from the US, but - since made in China - is almost certainly available in the UK (possibly a different marketing name).

    Size is about the size of 8 wooden pencils alongside each other.


  2. Hi Daryl

    Thanks for the info on the trimmer, but fromm what I have read on Amazon about it, it looks like it won't last five minutes! I think I will stick with the scissors and barbers!

  3. With my amount of hair, 5 minutes will be enough!


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