Thursday, 1 February 2007


NO! Not me!
Dave started his Lejog on January 18th and is now at Tewkesbury. He has thrown up his job and is just winging it. He started with no proper maps! He is doing big mileages and it is the middle of winter. He is a super hero!
It's a great read. Follow it here:
I will also add a link to him in my Great Places to Visit.
You can also listen to Dave on BBC 6 Music on Sunday afternoons (Stephen Merchant's show - see Dave's site for details)


  1. Thanks for the tip - that one is definitely a good read and well written.

    The git

  2. Hi John

    Dave has emailed me:
    "Hi Alan.

    Thanks for the mail and the support.

    I've reached Bewdley now. Tomorrow I'm leaving the Severn Way and heading towards Wolverhampton, before finally getting to the good bits (the Peak District and the Pennines!)

    I'm blogging by carrying a small laptop (1.5 kg) and connect to the internet using a usb cable to my phone (an O2 xda)

    For my purposes, the laptop is definitely worth the weight as i use it for route planning (with the gsp device), downloading track data from the gps, and for consulting all my notes (mostly gathered from Moxon's site. As i'm adapting my plans on a daily basis, i couldn't cope without it.

    All the best for your walk!


    So - things are going well for him. Carrying the laptop = there's a thought - I am still having problems posting from the Palm PDA

    All the best


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