Thursday, 15 March 2007

DAY 15: West Monkton to Street: Evening Report

Today: 21.8 miles
Total so far: 233.4 miles
Percentage Completed: 14.0%


(Click map to enlarge)

These biggish days are fine in the morning, but it's the last few miles each day that I struggle with!

I get to Street as the light is fading fast, to a B&B organised by Rich - so I am not sure where it is and the B&B owners don't know their own geography when I ring them so eventually I stumble on it almost by chance. (They also have no recollection of the booking made only two days ago.) Ho hum.

My feet are still aching as I write this, over two hours since I arrived! Still - tomorrow is not so big - a mere 19.9 miles... I am looking forward to my day off in Bath, two days walking away! Don't get me wrong though: I am having a whale of a time - it's just the achy feet! I am sure they will toughen up over the next fifteen weeks!

I am sure that Ricky the Rock is putting on weight - I blame his drink problem... He always insists on a second pint at lunchtime and I feel it cruel to refuse him.


  1. Well, we can't accuse you of cruelty to rocks.

  2. I think Ricky is stoned ;-)


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