Thursday, 15 March 2007

DAY 15: Lunchtime Report

DAY 15: Lunchtime Report
The George Inn, Middlezoy.

A pretty fine morning, following a great night in West Monkton - looked after handsomely by Russ & Joyce Mannion. Teated like family - a lovely meal with some nice Shiraz, my washing done for me in the machine (luxury) and then down to the pub to meet up with Paul Kneeshaw - a veteran of the TGO Challenge and "bloody good bloke." Paul pressed a tenner into my hand as we left the pub for Sue Ryder.

I had not thought a lot about what the morning had in store for me when planning the route - it didn't look particularly inspiring from the map - following rivers and drains through the Somerset Levels.

What a revelation. Guided through the flooded levels expertly by Russ, we saw flocks of swans, willow beds, and magnificent views across to the Quantocks, the Blackdown Hills and the Padden Hills. Russ left me at Burrow Mump (at a shut pub) and I plodded on to Middlezoy - and an excellent little pub, still open to me when I arrived at 2:20pm: The George Inn - who serves free beer for Long Distance Walkers (well, this one anyway!) What a wonderful pub.

Still a long way to go this afternoon so the boots are off, the feet flexing and I am on my second pint of Butcombe - an excellent lunchtime pint.


  1. There's a bloke that looks just like you on the Blogger's page of Outdoors Magic this week.



  2. How has Ricky the rock been handling the walk?
    The Yank

  3. good to see you Alan, enjoyed the walk, sorry about the closed pub ! But delighted to see you maintained your standard by doing about thirty miles an hour to get to the next pub before closing time. See you in Oban
    Russ (best wishes from Joyce)


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